Marcella Crudeli -launches the 31st edition of Roma International Piano Competition

The launch of the 31st edition of the Roma International Piano Competition known affectionately as the Marcella Crudeli Competition took place in Rome’s town hall.
It is her force and determination that has seen not only the birth of a competition but with the same energy year after year she has placed it firmly on the circuit of International piano competitions.

A competition is only as good as its contestants said Dame Fanny Waterman and Marcella Crudeli’s competition can boast past winners such a Boris Giltburg and Dmitry Masleev who went on to win the prestigious Queen Elisabeth and Tchaikowsky International Competitions.Yuanfan Yang and Dmitri Choni have gone on recently to win Santander and Casagrande.

In the 31st edition from 4-16 November will we find a new Rubinstein or Horowitz I wonder? But as Marcella pointed out it is the voyage of discovery that is so stimulating and to discover how many young pianists are dedicating their youth to art and are just in need of a platform from which to share the thing they love with such dedication.

A concert by Marek Szlezer winner of the 1993 Youth Competition at the age of only 12!
Now a Professor of Cracow Conservatory he gave distinguished performances of some of Chopin’s best loved works.

Marek Szlezer with Signora Magda from the Polish Institute in Rome

The very resonant acoustic suited the more lyrical side of Chopin with his ‘Raindrop’prelude and Nocturnes op.62 n.1 and op 48 n.1.
I swear that with the arrival of the cavalry in the Polonaise Héroique I could see the shadow of Marcos Aurelius passing through the hall!

Marek Szlezer
Prof Franco Ricci author and musicologist founder of the Tuscia University Concert Series in Viterbo
The distinguished audience with Maria Murmura Folino left ex student of Guido Agosti
Marcella Crudeli with a representative of the Cuomo Foundation

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