Marcella Crudeli reigns in Viterbo A lifetime at the service of music

Zero temperatures with ice and snow invading Italy this week but nothing could stop the indomitable Marcella Crudeli in her 82 year from giving a recital in Viterbo for her friend and colleague Prof Franco Ricci .A recital that showed off all her consumate artistry with works she has loved and lived with for a life time .

The four Impromptus D 899 by Schubert were played with an aristocratic sense of timing and phrasing that allowed the music to flow with such ease and style.She found all the time to show us the most intimate secrets of a composer who was born on wings of song.It gave a spaciousness and a sense of authority to a performance that was a lesson in aristocratic music making.

Three beautifully mellifluous works by Marco Sollini were given their premiere outing from the hands of this ever generous veteran of the keyboard and gave a refreshing change of mood before the selection of works by Chopin .

Works that have been an important part of Marcella’s repertoire for a lifetime.From the scintillating early Variazioni Brillanti op 12 to the Scherzo in B flat minor played with an authority and vigour that like Rubinstein denied their age ,The Andante Spianato and Grande Polonaise Brillante op 22 was played with the tender longing of the Andante contrasting with the dynamic bravura of the Polonaise .A work that Chopin was to woo the aristocrats with who flocked to the salons of Paris to hear this pianistic genius.An encore of the Fantasie Impromptu op 66 was played with consummate artistry and scintillating brilliance and was a personal gift to Prof Ricci to thank him for all that he is doing like her to help young musicians find an audience.

Professore Franco Ricci


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