Soirée Stravinsky opens S.Cecilia Chamber music season

Soirée Stravinsky opens the S.Cecilia Chamber Music Season in Rome with six graduates from Benedetto Lupo’s class

Leonardo Pierdomenico and Viviana Lasaracina

Leonardo Pierdomenico and Viviana Lasaracina moving with cat like virtuosity in Shostakovich’s youthful transcription of the much admired Symphony of Psalms.The pungent sounds played with such conviction as they weaved their way entwined through this transcendental transcription.
A mastery of clarity in which Piero Monti could allow his magnificent chorus to breathe and
allow every strand to be heard for the ‘glory of God’.

Costanza Principe- Federico Nicoletta -Gesualdo Coggi -Oxana Shevchenko

Costanza Principe,Gesualdo Coggi,Oxana Shevshenko and Federico Nicoletta were the four pianists in Le Noces.All graduates from the class of Benedetto Lupo at the Academy of S.Cecilia.They knew each other well having been together through Lupo’s musicianly rigorous training and as such played as one.
The moving story of a country wedding was vividly brought to life by the four solists .

The soloists + a soloist from the chorus

Anna Samuil (a magnificent evening gown -hardly a country wedding dress ) but what a magnificent voice of enormous proportions and equally imposing Anna Goryachova ,John Irvin and Alexander Teliga.A chorus of great precision under the magnificent guiding light of Piero Monti.Who was equally at home conducting the 13 percussionists on 38 different instruments in the still outlandish score from 1933 of Varese :’Ionisation’

Varese with 38 different percussion instruments in 13 magnificent hands
Les Noces
The percussionists
The pianists
Friends and relations of Leonardo Pierdomenico including his mentor William Naboré
with 17 year old piano genius Shunta Morimoto.
All ready to applaude and take Leonardo to catch the plane to Prague where he is recording Dvorak Piano Concerto.
Next week yet another illustrious graduate from the class of Benedetto Lupo
Beatrice Rana is playing Clara Wieck Piano Concerto in Aminor with Pappano .She is playing it today at Carnegie Hall with the Philadelphia Orchestra under Yannick Nézet-Segui
The magnificent auditorium by Renzo Piano of the Shard fame in London


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