Marcella Crudeli Pianisti del Magisterium in Concerto a Viterbo

Marcella Crudeli with her students from her annual masterclass in Rome.In full activity with her International Piano Competition in Rome in its 31st year this Thursday arriving at the Grand Premio Chopin prize. It is amazing that she can still find the time and energy to dedicate to her young aspiring students who she has taken under her wing this year in her Annual Magisterium
The equally indomitable prof Franco Ricci giving a stage to these young musicians at a turning point in their lives.
Repeat performance in Rome
Francesco Labriola with a beautifully played Mozart K 414 a real sense of style and discipline.A Chopin Study op 25 n.1 of great breadth and technical control
Leonardo Laviola with a fine performance of Mozart K 466 and an interesting choice of cadenza ( not the usual Beethoven) played with great virtuosity and imagination.A passionate performance of Chopin Study op 10 n12 (Revolutionary) showed off his technical prowess to the full
Emanuele Piovesan with a very fine performance of Beethoven op 15.A pianist I have heard before but is now maturing as the pianist of great natural flair that I had noted a few years ago .His performance was indeed the high point of all these very fine young pianists.Prokofiev’s Suggestion Diabolique op 4 was the ideal choice for this young man of great character where his infectious enjoyment of all he did was refreshing to see .
Francesco Pambianco with a Mendelssohn Concerto played with great flair and technical control … was a pity to interrupt the performance but obviously there was only time for one movement that unfortunately Mendelssohn had not contemplated .A very secure Chopin Study op 10 n4 showed off his exemplary technical control
Michele Apollonio with a very solid and secure Chopin Concerto op 11 .A mature performance where his technical control was doubly confirmed with a very secure performance of Liszt Transcendental study in F minor played with passionate conviction.
The amazing Marcella Crudeli who celebrated her 80th birthday some time ago has taken time off from her International Piano Competition in Rome to follow her young students to Viterbo to play with orchestra.The equally indomitable Prof Ricci ,he too in his 80’s,ever present to help bring young musicians to the fore as they dedicate their youth to art
Daniele Camiz superb trainer/conductor of his youthful ICNT Orchestra giving to each performance superb musicianly support.

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