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  1. Dear Sir,
    One year and a half ago, I had the pleasure to see a musical commentary of yours of a musical performance I made in Sermonetta during a masterclass of my teacher Eliso Virsaladze. I quote : ” I think there can be no doubt that Franck Laurent Grandpre stole the show with his own amazing Salsa Classica. A truly virtuoso performance that brought the house down. ” I thank you very much for this commentary. And I would like to communicate you few dates of concerts in England and Italy where I will perform during the month to come. If you are disponible to come to listen one of those concerts -and maybe specially those where I will be play my own compositions- it would be a great honor, and a pleasure to meet you.
    19 of February at the Birmingham conservatory at 11h05 am – program 50 min of my composition, Sagrada Familia
    27 of February at the Birmingham conservatory Bradshaw hall – 20 min of my composition at the end of the concert for the commemoration for Dennis Matthews (other pianist will play Peter Donohoe, Pascal Pascaleff…)
    8 – March Concert in a private club in Palermo (let me know if interested) – 30 min of my composition
    10th March – Concert for Palermo winter festival – Auditorium San Mattia ai Crociferi Rachmaninoff prelude op 23 – Tchaikovsky – Wagner-Liszt liebestodt and one piece of my own composition.

    Wishing you a pleasant day,

    Best regards

    Franck Laurent-Grandpré


    PS: please transmit if it is not the good adress to contact Sir Christopher Axworthy.

    "Mi piace"


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