‘Ballando con le Stelle’ ‘Marcella Crudeli ed Emanuele Savron could have danced all night!’for Roma 3 Orchestra Concert Season


Marcella Crudeli a force of nature who could quite happily have gone on playing all night.
Twenty one Hungarian dances rapidly, by public insistence,became twenty four!
Her young student Emanuele Savron,whom she shares with Leonid Margarius, looked exhausted as Marcella at least three times his anagrafical age looked ever more radiant.

Performances of great style and with Marcella’s infectious energy and ‘joie de vivre’ igniting the same fire and passionate involvement in her young companion joining in the obvious fun and enjoyment she was transmitting to us all.
But there was more than just that.From the passion and colours in the Isteni Czardas to the fun Marcella was already having with the syncopations of the Emma Csardas and the deliciously capricious Tolnai kakadalmas.The passionate outpouring from Emanuele in the Kalocsay-Emlek with the shimmering echo from Marcella before springing vividly into life again.The great elan and energy that Marcella injected into the Bártfai-Emlek was followed by the smalzy insinuations of Rozas Bogor bursting into continuous accentuated interjections of dynamic force and energy.There was the beguiling melody played with sumptuous rubato of the Volkslied and the great melodic fluidity of the Luisa Czardas.There was the deeply felt lament of nostalgia of the Poco andante n. 11 and the beautiful tenor melody from Emanuele’s hands in the Allegretto grazioso.The languid melodic line of the Andantino n.17 and to end with,the dynamic energy of the Vivace n.21.

Around the world of sentiments in only 21 days with these golden gems of Johannes Brahms.With the four hands of two artists that listen to each other with a sensitivity and sense of balance that they truly played as one!No greater compliment is possible for a duo pianistico on one piano where a sense of balance and use of the pedals is absolutely fundamental in creating a single whole satisfying performance!

Great artistry and an unerring sense of style with Marcella at the helm and Emanuele listening carefully as he regulated the balance between them to perfection.


Taking over the reigns from Marcella in a give and take that kept their audience enraptured by the rapport created together.
Different generations but united as one in their musical voyage of discovery together.

The Hungarian Dances by Johannes Brahms WoO1are a set of 21 lively dance tunes based mostly on Hungarian themes, completed in 1879.They vary from about a minute to five minutes in length.Brahms originally wrote the version for piano four hands (piano duet: two players using one piano) and later arranged the first ten dances for solo piano.In 1850 Brahms met the Hungarian violinist Ede Reményi and accompanied him in a number of recitals over the next few years. This was his introduction to “gypsy-style” music such as the csardas which was later to prove the foundation of his most lucrative and popular compositions, the two sets of Hungarian Dances (published 1869 and 1880).


Only numbers 11, 14 and 16 are entirely original compositions.The better-known Hungarian Dances include Nos. 1 and 5, the latter of which was based on the csardas “Bártfai emlék” (Memories of Bártfa) by Hungarian composer Bela Kéler,which Brahms mistakenly thought was a traditional folksong.A footnote on the Ludwig-Masters edition of a modern orchestration of Hungarian Dance No.1 states: “The material for this dance is believed to have come from the Divine Csárdás (ca. 1850) of Hungarian composer and conductor Miska Borzó.”

Giovedì 23 febbraio ore 20 Accademia Danimarca
La Musica è una cosa meravigliosa: Johannes Brahms
Johannes Brahms: Ventuno Danze ungheresi per pianoforte a quattro mani WoO 1
Marcella Crudeli – Emanuele Savron, pianoforte.

In questo appuntamento la celebre pianista Marcella Crudeli si presenta al nostro pubblico come interprete affiancata da uno dei suoi più talentuosi giovani allievi, Emanuele Savron.

Entrambi gli artisti della serata sono precedentemente apparsi in più occasioni nelle nostre programmazioni: Marcella Crudeli è l’anima del Concorso Chopin Roma ed Emanuele Savron è partecipante alla Young Artist Piano Solo Series tra i più apprezzati (finalista nell’edizione 2021-2022).

‘E’ stato un grande successo ieri sera il concerto all’Auditorium dell’Accademia di Danimarca a Roma per conto della Roma Tre Orchestra.
I protagonisti della serata sono stati Marcella Crudeli con il suo giovane e talentuoso allievo Emanuele Savron. Il programma era difficile ma nello stesso tempo accattivante per le musiche eseguite: l’integrale delle 21 Danze Ungheresi di J. Brahms a quattro mani.
L’esecuzione ha riscosso tantissimo successo con ovazioni e richieste di bis alla fine del concerto. L’interpretazione era focalizzata sulla dinamicità, sulla timbrica, e soprattutto sull’entusiasmo dei pianisti che hanno coinvolto tutti i presenti.
Sono intervenuti tanti amici, personalità anche del mondo dello spettacolo, che hanno tributato agli interpreti vivo apprezzamento per la validità dell’esecuzione e la gioia che hanno trasmesso al pubblico soprattutto in un momento così difficile per la cultura.’Marcella Crudeli

‘Questa foto rimarrà nella storia.
Marcella Crudeli, allieva di Alfred Cortot, dopo 2000 concerti in 80 paesi decide all’età di 82 anni di formare un duo con me.
Sono orgoglioso di questo e mi sento fortunato.
Grazie Maestro! ‘ Emanuele Savron


Marcella with President of Roma 3 Orchestra Prof Roberto Pujia
Valerio Vicari Artistic Director of Roma 3 Orchestra looking on from on high
Emanuele Savron
Marcella Crudeli.
Proud father Savron
With Prof Ricci of Tuscia University Concert Season
The distinguished audience gathered to applaud the indomitable Marcella Crudeli with her star student Emanuele Savron
Marcella and I photographed together with friends .
The Danish Academy opposite the Galleria d’Arte Moderna in Valle Giulia Villa Borghese


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