Hausmusik in Ealing

Some remarkable Hausmusik in the noblest of traditions at St Barnabas in Ealing today. A retired doctor shared his tireless enthusiasm with his numerous and discerning public in this very large church with an amazingly good acoustic. Hugh Mather recently celebrated his one thousandth concert in St Barnabas and St Marys in Ealing and Perivale .Both venues very well known to all the great young aspiring talents that Dott Mather has taken under his wing during his retirement from medicine. On his beautiful Bosendorfer grand Dott Mather caressed the opening melody of Schubert`s Arpeggione that left no doubt to his considerable musical skills.Skills that were matched on this occasion by Jamal Aliyev one of the finest young cellists of his generation.A real musical conversation where the quite considerable musical problems of this masterpiece were swept aside in music making of such immediacy and mastery that it was a privilege to be present on such an intimate occasion. The last movement played with such charm and wit one almost wanted it never to stop.How much he enjoys playing with Dott.Mather Jamal confided afterwards swept along by his irresistible passion for music. In Dott Mathers charming introduction to Beethoven’s monumental last cello sonata he let slip that after one of the most sublime Adagios ever written Beethoven decided to end with one of his most treacherous fugues. Confiding in the more than fifty year difference in age between he and Jamal he said he would give it a go and hope for the best. He need not have mentioned it because so carried along by their real music making we were not aware of the enormous terror that this work holds for all that attempt to conquer its secrets. Another tireless supporter of young talents Canan Maxton was present as always for her stars from the stable of her Talent Unlimited a charity she founded to help all these amazing young talents that seek only an audience. Charity begins at home they say and this is very much the home of Dott.Mather and his remarkable team dedicated to providing just such a platform. In fact invigorated by his Beethoven he enthusiastically announced next friday the annual concert of the intercollegiate Beethoven Competition winner,Ilya Kondratiev .Another wonderful way to spend lunchtime in this remarkable musical oasis and like Jamal another of the stars helped by Talent Unlimited. How much these young artists owe to these two indefatigable promoters of great talent in the making.


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