Anna Fedorova at the LSE

Anna Fedorova literally flew into LSE today and swept everything in her way off their feet. What progress since her very fine recital here last year as a promising student to the transformation into a great artist.
The four ballades of Chopin played with a very decided musical personality that restored the nobility and sentiment that so often can turn into sentimentality. The contrast in the second ballade between the almost beseeching,searching opening melodic line to the tumultuous outbursts led to as fiery a coda as I have ever heard .The return of the quiet opening few bars was quite magical. The third and fourth ballades given a new and fresh hearing.The fourth in particular with some unusually convincing passion in parts that so easily can fall into sentimentality. So the four ballades conceived as a whole monumental masterpiece that in her hands it surely is. Three Scarlatti sonatas delightfully introduced by Ann who certainly showed herself more at home at the piano than with the mechanics of a microphone. No encores were offered or expected after that exhilarating lunchtime. Much looking forward to more Chopin on the 25th from another remarkable pianist from the Keyboard Charitable Trust Stable Alexander Ullman


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