Hin -Yat Tsang`s Birthday Concert. I well remember Eleanor Wong`s rigorous Beethoven all those years ago at the RAM when she in her final year sought out a fresher to try out her programmes on. Eleanor was Hin Yats first teacher in Hong Kong where she founded and runs the International Piano Competition. Her teacher,and my mentor and admirer ,Frederick Jackson.A remarkably complete musician whose dream was to conduct the Verdi Requiem. As our contemporary Graham Johnson reminded me recently a dream come only partly true as he suffered a heart attack during his performance in the Dukes Hall.
Some remarkably beautiful sounds in the Sonata op101. If the clockwork precision was not perfect it was a remarkably mature and much felt interpretation. Impresiones Intimas by Mompou and the Scriabin third sonata sounded like another pianist . Such were the ravishing sounds in Mompou where every note had a heartbreaking meaning . The very attentive audience were taken completely by surprise by the sheer onslaught of the Scriabin. Sumptuous rich,never harsh sounds mingled with the most liquid of languid cantabile made for a truly demonic performance. Almost as a benediction ,an encore of the sublime sarabande from the fifth French Suite by Bach. How I remember the performances of Bach that his teacher shared to a young eighteen year old student in one of the lonely practise studios at the RAM. What nostalgia for the RAM…..and.Freddie …………listening to this young artist on his birthday. They may not make them like that any more but what remarkable talent there is these days.


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