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Amazingly the first piano recital ever in Sabaudia the other night thanks to the Pontine Festival and their annual collaboration with The Keyboard Charitable Trust.


Here in the enclosed courtyard of the town hall was a wonderful Steinway D piano and amazingly completely sold out .In fact the doors were shut as the tickets finished .


And what a treat there was in store for us from Vitaly Pisarenko – bringing his recent Prize winners Wigmore recital programme to this seaside town created by Mussolini in the 30’s in what were originally malarial swamps .


Bringing Venetians down to this area between Roma and Naples to drain the land and turn it into the most fertile land around to produce all the fruit and vegetables for these two great cities.Towns created in record tempo by Mussolini all in the same rationalist architecture.


Little could anyone have imagined the remarkable acoustic in this enclosed space in the midst of all the excited holiday crowds only seeking entertainment after a day spent on the 25 km stretch of white beach all in a National Park protected by the World Wildlife Fund.


Could the people have ever imagined that in their midst was one of the most exciting talents around.A rapt silence during the performances greeted only by an ovation at the end of Vitalys remarkable performance of Prokofiev 6th Sonata .


Starting with the Bach/Siloti Prelude in B minor showing right from the start all his remarkable control of sound – infact a sound world all his own .


Followed by a Pathetique Sonata all his own .An original performance of such a well known work but such is the musicianship of this young Russian pianist that he can still surprise us in a piece we have all known so well for years ,Three Etude Tableaux played as only someone with this music in his blood could play it and so on to his own renowned account of Prokofiev.


Here were all the colours of a Symphony Orchestra that only a master could reveal on an ungrateful box of strings and hammers.


The local administration that had thought the seaside crowds just wanted some popular light hearted entertainment after the beach were here proven wrong.As this discerning public, after this remarkable and not easy concert, were craving for more


Lets hope that the local and now enlightened administration will heed this message brought from the 51st Pontine Festival and create a real series of concerts for next year in this now proven magnificent setting.A series of young lions from the Keyboard Chartable Trust to give a platform to these amazing young talents that are only craving to share their goods with such an attentive audience.Little could the people have imagined that some of the most legendary musicians have been on their seashore such as Cherkassky,Agosti,Tortelier,Tureck,Sandor,Berman ,Hewitt,Petrassi,De Peyer >All visitors to Ileana Ghione’s house over the years,having performed in what now is termed the” Historic” Teatro Ghione created by Ileana Ghione and her husband in1982 .What a fitting setting for the tenth anniversary of her death on the very day that would have been her 31st wedding anniversary


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