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A few years ago Maude Tortelier asked me if I knew what ” peso” meant


…………………I certainly do ..


.It is that undefinable quality that comes with total technical assurance combined with an innate musicality that gives to each note a weight and meaning.


And so it was tonight at Fossanova with Mariana Sirbu and Bruno Giuranna .The veteran Giuranna ,that I remember from the glorious days in Siena with Riccardo Brengola,Guido Agosti,Franco Ferrara and Salvatore Accardo ,playing here without the score – something so rare these days in Sonata duos – but gave an immediate sense of musical comunion between the music and the audience .If his right arm is not as strong as it used to be the depth and warmth of his musicianship were of someone that has lived with this wonderful music for a lifetime.


Ending with the Trio op 40 here was chamber music on a truly sublime level The majesterial violin playing of la Sirbu intertwined with the warmth of Giurannas viola and the truly beautiful sounds from Linda di Carlo on the piano.This is surely what the Pontine Festival is all about, from its creation by Menuhin and Szigeti, of a real feeling of great musicians meeting to make music.It is not for nothing that the Pontine Festival has been likened to Marlborough or Prades ….lets hope that this glorious tradition will continue for many a year to come .


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