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What a way to end this 51st festival .


A stunning performance of Mendelssohns Double concerto for violin and piano performed by Roberto Prosseda and Fabrizio von Arx with the Camerata du Leman brought to an end the 51st Pontine Festival.


Roberto Prosedda a complete musican from the school of Sergio Cafaro and Fabrizio von Arx from the school of Corrado Romano .Both spending much of their youth in Sermoneta and so formed in this remarkable summer school founded by Menuhin and Szigeti in the 1960’s . The virtuoso demands met in full by Roberto with that beautiful cantabile that was so evident in his performance the day before of the Emperor Concerto by Beethoven.Fabrizio von Arx showing all his latin blood in the lush melodies of this rarely heard concerto.By great demand a scintilating virtuoso encore of Bazzinis La Ronde de Lutins had a smile on Robertos face,and us too, as he tried to keep up with Fabrizios tracendental virtuosity.The very fine Camerata du Leman followed them with all the verve and energy that they had shown in a very refined performance of Corelli’s Concerto Grosso op 6 n.4 and an energetic performance of Mendelssohns early 2nd Symphony for strings .Quite a nostalgic night as it recalled my student days in Dartington,that other great summer school, when the Academy of St Martin in the Field under Neville Marriner would regale us with these early string works of Mendelssohn.Very honoured to have the presence of Arch.Cerocchi President since the 1970’s of the Pontine Festival and also responsable for the transformation of the old granary into one of the most beautiful concert halls in the beautiful cistercian complex of the Fossanova Abbey


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