Magnificent Marcos

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What a treat the other day after gazing at the most marvellous Caravaggios in S.Luigi Francesi and S Agostino there in the Sala Accademica next door in the Pontificio Istituto della Musica Sacra was the most amazing recital of Cuban music for the 80th anniversary of relations between the Republic of Cuba and the Vatican .All this on the very afternoon that President Obama was to declare in America the official re-opening of relations between America and Cuba.


Amazing virtuoso piano pieces all based on typical dance rhythms had us all not only clicking our heels but admiring the absolute control of the pianist.


A magnificent Fazioli concert grand rather too bright to be able to savour the subtlety of colour and the amazing independence between the hands .All abundantly clear on the magnificent instrument used for the recording that has just been released for Academy recordings .And after this treat another one at Prof Franco Carlo Ricciprivate gathering of friends with Michelangelo Carbonaraoffering a much more sober programme of Beethoven Liszt and Brahms ……all superbly played on a 1890 Pleyel .Both Marcos and Michelangelo helped by the Keyboard Charitable Trust and more interestingly students of William Grant Nabore at the International Piano Academy Lake Como .Even more interesting was that that very night Dmitry Masleev,also a student of Nabore was declared Gold medal winner of the Tchaikowsky Competition in Moscow.A night to remember you might say and what a way to start the merry month of July,


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