Magnificent concert at Bocconi on Thursday – Alex already booked for next year –

Vitaly played as he always  does … would be hard to believe that during the third piece of the Fantasy pieces by Rachmaninoff at the beginning of the concert he saw the door of the green room open and then saw, via the glass windows at the side of this beautiful modern hall,someone walk off with what looked like – and was – his bag.At the end of the Rachmaninoff we saw Vitaly tear off stage and the hall tecnician came to tell me that Vitaly had run out of the hall …by the time I had got outside Vitaly was already playing the ” Moonlight”.

In the interval we heard from Vitaly that his bag with all his documents/computer/telephone and 800 euros had been stolen .We all tore outside in the hope that the bag would have been thrown away minus the money but at least we would find the precious  documents – that for a Russian are like gold dust.

No luck.

Vitaly insisted on playing the second half: Prokofiev 6  – Luckily one of the War Sonatas and he certainly let them have it – never has that sonata been played with such a vengeance- magnificent.

He even insisted on playing an encore whilst the police were waiting for him.

Bach Siloti – he played it for me – but then Vitaly is not only a wonderful pianist but a very special human being.

We spent the night in the questura – Roberto Cominati ( who was expecting to dine with us after- he won Busoni in 1993 and is a great pal of Mr Furcht)took us and there we stayed until 2.30 after which we went back to the Hotel to sleep  …at least thats what I did but Vitaly told me after that he returned to the University to look everywhere for his documents.

Having done everything possible – Vitaly wanted to wait until Monday to see if the documents would turn up before returning to Milan to the consulate where he must find two russian citizens who would testify  for him in order to get a document to return to Moscow on Wednesday.

Luckily  he was going on to Petrushansky in Imola – who is also a great friend of Robert Furcht- and he insisted that Vitaly go there as planned – which he did yesterday- I returned to Rome and am trying to obtain information that may be helpful to Vitaly on Monday/Tuesday to get back to Moscow and then the re activate his student visa for then UK without having to pay 300/400 gb and wait 3 months.

Vitaly rang after his four hour lesson with Petrushansky on Rachmaninoff op 39 that he already plays incredibly well.

I told him to eat something not touch any alcohol and go to bed.

He must have done that as both  Petrushansky and I  tried to ring to find out how he was ….no reply….good sign that he is getting ready for the real battle at the consulate on Monday/Tuesday.

Such a nice man Petrushansky he rang me early this morning for Vitalys new number ( we did that in Milan Station yesterday with my document because he has none!).He like us all  have come under  Vitalys spell.

The question now is how can we make this easier for him ………………..The Bocconi have activated their insurance ….which is fine as they are responsable …….but it is the burocracy that needs to be dealt with.

We are just hoping that the documents might turn up before Monday.

Anyone who has any ideas please contact Sarah ………….Vitalys new number is 0039 344 1796499Best to contact him on messenger or E mail …..a friend in Imola has already lent him a computer …but then he has so many friends – he is that sort of guy….very special.


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