TOM AND GERRY the man that never grew up LANG LANG IN ROME

Lang Lang tonight at S.Cecilia in Rome glad to be offered the chance to hear it live ….having heard the streaming from Torino of the Italian Concerto and 4 Scherzi.Quite liked the Bach clean, clear, crisp,beautiful slow movement……..then the Scherzi that left me rather cold………..actually I realise now that I must have fallen asleep!

Tonight was quite grotesque …….

The Mozart Ok.

Some beautiful moments mixed with some rather ordinary rather rhythmic playing.

Like his Bach- Mozart could just about take it .

Chopin is another thing ………..rubato reduced to dotted rhythms like the baroque French Overture Style …..the opening of the first Ballade!The opening of the fourth was so wayward as was the third it made you quite sea sick.

Then he throws his left hand onto the keyboard and the right way in the air and he is off………..fifth gear all the way…….like the clunk of a steam engine about to make a run.

The most awful moment was the last quiet chord before the coda of the fourth – fortissimo with an added octave in the bass!

And off we went full speed to the most grotesquely awful ending imaginable .

I could not get out fast enough –bumped into Giuliano Ferrara (,famous television political reporter and editor of Il Foglio) we were the only two seeking escape.

“Ghastly” I blurted out in English- “Absolutely” he replied and remembered I had last seen him at Barenboims Ring Cycle at the Proms-

Oh Danny boy what have you done!

To say the codas of the first second and fourth were like Czerny would be an insult to Beethovens pupil but I think you get the idea .

The public loved it like lambs to the slaughter …………

Rondo alla Turca as an encore – heard on the car radio escaping as fast as possible- made you realise this is Tom and Gerry ……..the boy has never grown up and was having a ball at Chopin’s expense

Lang Lang murdering Chopin ‘s 4 Ballades to 3000 people and who knows how many with TV live and streaming.

Standing ovation they told us over the radio.

Behzod Abduraimov’s not perfect but wonderful performance in comparison at the Filarmonica, the day before, to 30 people just shows what power the mass media has today.

Appearances are everything apparently …

Oh Krystian Zimerman- Murray Perahia where are you.Give us another chance!


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