Alexander Ullman   Teatro Ghione  Sunday 18th January  The Keyboard Charitable Trust Annual Concert 


Nice important crowd even if we were expecting many more- had a good talk to the Rai 5 man – a great friend  and collegue of Norma Gentileschi ex correspondent for the Pope at the RAI.Tried to persuade Angelo (Bozzolino director of the new film about the S.Cecilia Orchestra and films on Liszt and Chopin) to release the hour and a half interview he recorded in the theatre of Charles Rosen …I don’t think  he realises the importance of that document – a very small and rather insignificant part, compared to what he actually said , was actually used in the film.  I told them both you should not play down to the public but get them to look up…..just what Alex did last night.Q.E.D.


As Sol Hurok said ” if they do not want to come you cannot stop them”


They will not know what they missed.From  the intoxicating sounds rarely heard on the Ghione stage these days to  the Pugliese delights prepared  just for us by Roberta,my wonderful theatre manager,  afterwards.


Remarkable concert and that was only a part of the evening.


A real Knight in armour coming to the rescue of a Damsel in distress ……..Alex ended up in Mac Donalds at 4.30 am much to the delight of the rif raff whose company he rather enjoyed ……he did not want to disturb me late at night and waited until 8am to come back home!I bet they were not used to seeing a young knight dressed in dinner jacket and all at any time of the day or night!


A real gentle    man.


His stallion was a taxi and his sword had no effect on a rather irate hotel manager …. hence he sought refuge in Mac Donalds as a lot of people do around train stations, I believe!


The best Chopin 4th ballade …….at least that’s what he made you believe ……amazingly subtle Beethoven …none of the Gould nonsense ………..and even Bill (Nabore director of the Piano Academy in Como) had to admit the phenomenal control of colour in the Debussy.


I had to clap very loudly to get him to get back to the order of programme that he had asked me to announce .  We almost had another Pablo- Osvald situation on our hands ………….


The ectatic performance of Chopin’s E flat nocturne op 55 reminded one of the ” star” in Scriabin and what subtle counter melodies ” old style” . The “Blackkey” study thrown off like a little tone poem and finally  everyone very moved not only by the dedication to “his friend Pluto” but by a Funeral March that must be without equal.Pluto was my dog that Alex helped me to nurse in these few days whilst he was a guest in my country home, giving recitals on the Radio RAI3 in Rome on Friday  and in Viterbo University on Saturday.


He looks and plays like a young God ……thats what I thought a year ago and I stick by it even if our other great talents a green with envy ……a talent like this is very rare indeed.Spent the day after the concert looking at the video that I made of his performance – a real lesson of his own making and then the Monseigeon Richter video that neither of us had seen for too long.In between Rubinsteins Chopin n.2 several times in preparation for his own performance in a few months time.Very interesting the link between Lechetitsky- Schnabel …………….Matthay to his present day teachers William Fong,Fleischer ,Mc Donald – they all taught in the same way ………to listen and as Dame Fanny would say ” to mould” something they don’t do any more …….she is right but here is one that still does.


All best Chris P.S. did not mean to write so much now …..but the amazing talent of this real young artist is irresistable……………


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