I enclose these few lines for those that may have missed the live streaming ………



Did you get to see Alex on streaming ………this is how it went …………not available  on you tube  unfortunately although a recording might become available.


Ashkenazy was  presented with the RCM’S Honours – together with Kiri Te Kanawa – by Prince Charles on Thursday morning .


In the evening  and Friday 13 he conducted the RCM Orchestra with Alex Ullman – Berlioz Benvenuto Cellini/Chopin Concerto n.2/ Debussy Apres Midi and La Mer .



” What a great evening of music making .Sitting in front of the log fire in Italy enjoying all these wonderful young musicians loving every minute of Ashkenazy’s evident joy at the sounds they were able to find together.


Alex Ullman looks and plays like a young God I have said that before and never has it been more evident.( I mean of course the way he sits at the piano as though he were born with a keyboard in his lap).


Has the entry into the last movement ever been played so naturally? – Not since Ashkenazy himself I bet….and what an encore so effortless and with such poetic contrasts. (op 10 n.5 Black Keys Study  )- he played Chopin Nocturne op 55 n.2 the first night.


A young mans Chopin – a poet – with age he may take more time and savour the poetry even more like his great idol Artur Rubinstein .


Magnificent Debussy from the orchestra such sense of line and colour …………………..


Please oh please let us have more of this.”


Alex played Rachmaninoff n.1 last May and by great demand is invited to close our(Keyboard Charitable Trust) Rachmaninoff  Cycle (with the Orchestra Regionale Marchegiana in Pesaro-Teatro Rossini/Ancona/Fabriano 6/8/9 May ) with Tschaikowsky n 1 ! Jason Gillham will play Rackhmaninoff n. 4 ( Vitaly Pisarenko has played n.2/3 and Marcos Madrigal Paganini ). What a line up !


All best wishes Christopher


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