Dinara Klinton-EunsleyPark-Ella Rundle mastery and artistry for Tchaikowsky at the Royal Festival Hall


Wonderful to see the Festival Hall full and to see Dinara Klinton on the stage where she truly belongs.
With two very fine musicians at her side who were both trained at the Menuhin School where Dinara is now a Professor.
Eunsley Park and Ella Rundle joined Dinara in a sumptuous performance of Tchaikowsky’s monumental Piano Trio à la mémoire d’un grand artiste.

A superb sense of ensemble but this is very much a Trio with a virtuoso piano part that in the wrong hands can lead to a very one sided match.
Dinara with the piano lid fully open never overpowering her colleagues but blending in with them in a musical conversation as the musical line was passed from one to another.
But there were moments when the piano was allowed to shine and it was here that Dinara’s ravishing playing carried into this vast hall as I have rarely heard from others.
There were cascades of notes from the piano as the Violin and Cello took over the melodic line and Dinara sustained them offering shimmering glowing accompaniments.

But it was the magic Dinara brought to the Theme of the Andante con moto that will remain in my memory.A pianist with a diaphragm that like a singer can send a tender message to the front row and make it resonate to the very last.It is called mastery and artistry and Dinara has both.



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