Dinara Klinton at the Wigmore Hall RCM Benjamin Britten Fellow Recital

Superb performances by Dinara Klinton of two masterworks:Beethoven op 111 and Prokofiev’s Eighth ,the last of the ‘War’Sonatas.It was the Rachmaninov Elegie that ,she chose to thank her audience with, that summed up her supreme artistry that had been so apparent in this short but very dense lunchtime recital for the RCM as beneficiary of the Benjamin Britten Piano Fellowship.

Seemless streams of golden sounds that with her extraordinary control and sense of balance made the piano sing as rarely heard these days.
Radu Lupu and Wilhelm Kempff spent their life searching for the secret of a true legato in which the percussive nature of the piano was disguised by a transcendental control of sound that could make the piano sing and breathe as well as any singer.
Dinara joins those ranks where the glorious outpouring of Beethoven’s last Sonata was allowed to glow as the Aria hovered over magic sounds that the master could have only imagined in his private ear.It was on this magic wave that the sumptuous melody of Prokofiev’s 8th Sonata ravished and seduced in a performance of such intensity and beauty that one was not aware of the technical difficulties.A performance where there were streams of golden sounds woven with a mastery I have rarely heard before.Gone were the usual note picking percussive sounds as the radiance and kaleidoscopic colours depicted a landscape similar to Beethoven’s vision of paradise.Even the Andante sognando took on a different significance and if the Vivace came to an irascible tumultuous ending it was only a passionate affirmation of all that had come previously.

Before the final Elegie she had included a ‘song’ by a Levko Revutsky played with such grace and charm to remind us of her roots that are firmly in the Ukraine.In fact the whole of the recital had been a moving testimony of War and Peace a great message that was obviously weighing on her heart today where senseless suffering and distress are being reported daily from her homeland.






An extraordinary initiative that Dr Peter Barritt has promoted in Shrewsbury .Five recitals of which Dinara gave the closing recital last Saturday ……………..Ever generous he writes:’Thank you so much for your help with the Ukraine fund-raising recitals. We should raise over £10,000 which will be matched by the government. The five recitals would not have happened without your kind support and help and I am very grateful to the KCT.


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