Damir Durmanovic in Cyprus

Damir is a great pianist, but also an exceptional musician. He demonstrated excellent professionalism and commendable decisiveness in his collaboration with Guido. Naturally, Guido garnered more attention during the publicity phase owing to his recent win at Kreisler, but by the end of the concert, Damir captured equal attention. Notably, both artists played the entire recital by heart (a rarity for pianists in chamber music), and the chemistry between the two was exceptional, it was hard to believe they only had one day to rehearse. Damir’s virtuosity shined through at all times, without sacrificing the collaborative aspect of the performance, and in his solo he received a storm of applause from the audience. He is indeed a special pianist, I dare to say one of the best you’ve suggested, and we would love to host him again in the future, either in solo recital or in chamber music. 

Once again, we extend our appreciation to the Keyboard Charitable Trust for their collaboration and to you, Sarah, for your invaluable assistance throughout.Warmest wishes,Yvonne Yvonne Georgiadou

🔸 “Last night was an unforgettable magic!” a member of the audience exclaimed, and we couldn’t agree more. The recital featuring the phenomenal violinist Guido Felipe Sant Anna and the terrific pianist Damir Durmanovic was nothing short of FASCINATING. The two musicians, who had only met a couple of days before, performed a highly-virtuosic programme entirely from memory, demonstrating perfect coherence between them and unmatched artistry. Their performance left us spellbound, and we are confident that both of these exceptional young musicians (17 and 24 years of age respectively) are destined for glorious careers. Don’t just take our word for it though – check out this short excerpt from their performance last night! Thank you all for being there, and thanks to The Keyboard Charitable Trust for their support.

Violin & Piano Recital: GUIDO SANT’ANNA violin & DAMIR DURMANOVIC piano

Good morning dear Chris. Damir is very special, we should not let him go wasted.
Damir told me he lives in your house, and we had a laugh, because I did not know you were giving shelter to all these musicians, it felt like ‘Chris is hiding all these fugitives in his house’. You are so kind dear Chris, nurturing and supporting true talents.😉 He is brilliant!









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