Mother Clara ‘Spare’ a loving thought for Old Mother Hubbard

Mother Clara a beautiful singspiel by Graham Johnson .

With Janet Suzman,Alexandra Gilbreath,Sophie Rennert,Roderick Williams they told the other story of Clara through the eyes of Eugenie,one of Clara’s seven siblings.
Clara was a ‘tough cookie’,self centered and ‘a legendary matriarch of unimpeachable seriousness and dignity’.A pioneer who made concertising a respectable profession for young women.
Receiving the sonata that Liszt had dedicated to her asylumed husband she declared it a fearful noise!Overtones of Bernard Shaw’s famous confrontation between mother and daughter.Another up to date ‘spare’ kiss and tell tale of abandoned love in childhood !’
‘My kingdom for a horse’indeed!

A superb Janet Suzman being congratulated in the Green room by friends

A superb Janet Suzman,ravishing Sophie Rennert ,imposing Roderick Williams and the very outspoken Eugenie of Alexandra Gilbreath.
But the real star was never ‘too loud’ and Graham’s chameleonic role of Sherlock Holmes ,scriptwriter and researcher was outshone not only by the magic that poured from his fingers but also the weight of his acting skills that could hold their own with such a noble assembly of artists

‘Am I too loud?’Greetings from Tessa Uys who was at the RAM with us – could it be fifty years ago!Remembering the genial Harry Isaacs and John Streets who were both so important in Graham’s formative years.Tessa has almost completed her recordings with Ben Schoeman of the Scharwenka four hand arrangement of the Beethoven Symphonies .A book that her piano teacher mother had on her piano in South Africa
Graham with Brandon Velarde in the Green Room scene of so many triumphs for the Songmakers Almanac
Linn Rothstein hosting Sophie Rennert on a flying visit between Mozart and Massenet in Germany
Roderick Williams describing the joy of discovery with Graham


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