‘Diamonds are forever’ – the 60th wedding anniversary of Noretta and John – founders of the Keyboard Trust

Noretta and John with Lady Annabelle Weidenfeld
https://youtu.be/9L9Vc0ebt7o. https://youtu.be/tu92-VR3YdM. https://youtu.be/ItV_Ub18lBI. https://christopheraxworthymusiccommentary.com/2022/09/14/the-gift-of-life-the-keyboard-trust-at-30/

Moritz presenting his treat for Noretta and John and close friends
A Rose is always a Rose and if Music be the food of love ,play on ………

A surprise gift from a long standing friend and trustee of the Keyboard Trust,Dr Moritz von Bredow.A celebration of the enduring love that the founders of the Keyboard Trust have enjoyed for sixty years.By example sharing the Gift of Life so generously with so many talented young musicians and creating a true musical family.Offering concert opportunities,with their numerous musical friends worldwide,at the start of their career.All outlined in the book ‘The Gift of Music’ that John had so industriously formulated during the prolonged Pandemic lock down.Four of their favourite pianists were chosen by Moritz to give a fifteen minute recital in the music room in Chester Square that is known to so many musicians.There could easily have been four hundred but unfortunately time only permitted a selection that Moritz knew would give them such pleasure today.

Elena Vorotko one of the three artistic directors nominated by John and Noretta on their retirement from their day to day running of the Trust.Elena has created a Historic Keyboard section within the trust and today played short works by Vivaldi/Bach;Bach/Cohen and Rameau.Explaining so poignantly that the transcription of ‘Liebster Jesu,wir sind hier ’ is a work that has followed her in all the most important events in her life.
Mark Viner since making his Wigmore debut as a KCT prize winner,has made many CD’s all receiving five star reviews.He took both Rome and London by storm in concerts organised by the KCT and is fast becoming a very distinguished artist on the world stage .https://christopheraxworthymusiccommentary.com/2020/11/15/mark-viner-at-st-marys-faustian-struggles-and-promethean-prophesis/
What better choice than to play Liszt’s rarely performed transcription from Gounod’s Romeo and Juliette
Evie,Noretta and John’s absolute favourite ,and a born artist,who like Martha Argerich can do no wrong.Playing Beethoven’s miniature masterpiece op 14 n.2 with dynamic drive and insinuating lyricism .It was a work that Annie Fischer used to regularly include in her recitals playing with the same improvised intelligence and human warmth.A delightful poem that Evie had formulated just minutes before playing showed the same love to the ‘festeggiati’ as her playing did. https://christopheraxworthymusiccommentary.com/2022/02/25/evelyne-berezovsky-seduction-in-rome/
Sasha Grynyuk who is like a son to John and Noretta and together with his wife Katya are always there in moments of need.
Sasha regularly helps John with his computer studies every Friday after playing and working on a different work from his vast repertoire with Noretta .Today it was the Brahms Waltzes op 39 that showed off his great artistry. https://christopheraxworthymusiccommentary.com/2022/07/11/sasha-grynyuk-anniversary-recital-of-a-great-pianist-in-perivale/
Lady Annabelle Weidenfeld who had left Menahem Pressler at home ,for health reasons, enjoying the celebrations of two other ‘youngsters’.Menahem,one of the great musicians of our time,recently celebrated his 99th birthday and had written a moving preface to John’s book :’ The Gift of music’
Menahem Pressler with Dame Fanny Waterman in Oxford a few years ago
A sumptuous luncheon had been organised by Moritz in a nearby restaurant.
John being supported on both sides with loving warmth by Moritz and Noretta during his after luncheon speech of thanks
An after luncheon celebration in Chester Square Mews – Moritz between John and Noretta
Sarah seated between John and Noretta
Dr Trevor Hudson talking to Sir Geoffrey Nice a trustee of long standing .Dr Hudson has been Noretta and John’s private doctor for the past sixty years .He was also,by coincidence,the trusted doctor of my old teacher Vlado Perlemuter and his companion Joan Floquart Booth. It was very reassuring to know from him that our ‘festeggiati’ are in good health and can look forward to many more celebrations! https://christopheraxworthymusiccommentary.com/2017/12/19/in-praise-of-joan-2/
What fun was had by all .
Our valiant general manger,Sarah Biggs,without whom this event certainly would not have run so smoothly …looking on is Dr Hudson’s wife,Sue,who expects a similar celebration in seven years time!
Nice to see our two Russian pianists Evelyn Berezovsky and Elena Vorotko arm in arm as they pass from their mews concert to the luncheon table.
Moritz to whom must go infinite thanks for masterminding this wonderfully heartfelt celebration
Sasha Grynyuk with his wife Katya
Richard Thomas the KCT administrator with Sue Hudson and Sarah Biggs.
Poetically eloquent Dr Moritz von Bredow a true renaissance man and renowned pediatrician with hundreds of clients in his clinic in Hamburg.
Thank you Moritz for such a memorable occasion


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