Jonathan Ferrucci KCT American Tour – Goldberg – A voyage of discovery

Jonathan Ferrucci in Decatur House Washington for the Keyboard Trust.
It’s one thirty here in the UK and how could one sleep after that.
Well it was written for an insomniac!
Quite extraordinary.
The simplicity and jewel like perfection was a continual prism of rays of light.
Such subtle ornamentation just made the notes even more poignant

Decatur House the concert
“Thanks to our friend Sarah Biggs we got to see a sublime concert in a beautiful location. Jonathan Ferrucci , a magical Italian pianist sponsored by UKs Keyboard Trust played the full sequence of Bach’s Goldberg variations (nearly 90 minutes straight by memory) in Decatur House home of White House Historical Society. And such a charming and modest person, the opposite of the stereotypical artistic diva.” David Atkins
With Burnett Thompson at Decatur House Washington
“Fresh off the heels of Afro-Cuban Jazz is the immersive piano artistry of Jonathan Ferrucci, whose interpretation of JS Bach’s The Goldberg Variations captivated the audience. Fascinating discussion ensued with Rusty Hassan and the pianist himself on the correlation between classical (in this case, late Baroque ) and jazz. Hats off to Burnett Thompson’s Piano: Bach to Bebop series. And huge thanks to The Keyboard Charitable Trust!”Darika Chanachote
“I was fortunate to meet Yisha Xue 薛忆沙, who not only hosted my London visit at her home, but has been of invaluable assistance to The Keyboard Charitable Trust. Left to right moi, Jonathan Ferrucci, Trust Exec. Dir. Sarah Biggs, Yi Yun Soo and Yi Sha Xue.” Burnett Thompson
Burnett Thompson ,standing,visits the Kew Academy in London
Jonathan Ferrucci centre,Peter Dimov right,Pablo Rossi and Rokas Valuntonis left

The Keyboard Trust is proud to present in its 30th anniversary year

Jonathan Ferrucci – Goldberg Variations: a Voyage of Discovery
New York debut of a remarkable young musician
Thursday 20th October at 7 pm
Klavierhaus,790 11th Avenue corner West 54th street

“A spiritual journey of awakening, an inquiry into humanity and the nature of time, a round-trip Odyssey. This masterpiece is a search for freedom that will lead us back to our true self, back home.” Jonathan Ferrucci

Klavierhaus New York

As Jonathan Ferrucci says a lifetime may not be enough to enter completely into the genial mind of J.S.Bach. One can but try and this is the start of a remarkable voyage of discovery. On his fifth public performance in Florence last winter I think that from the spell that he created it was evidence enough that he is on the right trail. Seventy-five minutes of total silence from an elite audience surrounded by the books of that remarkable aesthete Harold Acton. Jonathan like Acton was born in Florence both bringing back their experiences from abroad to the cradle of culture in what Rostropovich described as the Museum of the World. Jonathan is now being mentored by Angela Hewitt who has indeed inherited the mantle of Rosalyn Tureck as the High Priestess of Bach. Rosalyn Tureck came to Florence in the 1990s when she was 78 to play these very variations at La Pergola and she became immediately the ‘Diva’ of Florence’. This mantle has now passed to Angela Hewitt whose approach to Bach is more human and less monumental than Tureck’s but their total dedication allows them to get as close as is possible to the core of the genius of J.S.Bach. Jonathan is being mentored by Angela Hewitt and is fast on this trail too as the minutes of aching silence that greeted the end of the Goldbergs in Florence was proof enough. His performance has the authority of someone who is living with the music and it is gradually but surely entering his being as it directs his spirit to the glory of the soul of Bach which is of course To the Glory of God!

With Caroline von Reitzenstein and Dan Danieli

In celebration of the Keyboard Trust’s 30th Anniversary and the launch of a new history of the Trust written by co-founder John Leech and artistic director Christopher Axworthy,
We are proud to present Jonathan Ferrucci in a full performance of Bach’s Goldberg Variations. The concert will take place on Thursday, October 20th at 7pm at Klavierhaus, 790 11th Avenue at the corner of West 54th Street. Please note that the program will run approximately 75 minutes with no intermission.

Free entrance but reservations necessary from the Keyboard Trust – Caroline von
donations to the trust are recommended

THE TOUR from 14 to 21st October 2022

Friday 14th October Dvorak American Heritage Associazione Bohemian National Hall 321E 73rd Street NY

Sunday 16th October Castletown Theatre House Maazel Estate Virginia

In rehearsal at the Maazel Estate Theatre in Castletown
Join us October 16 for a Jonathan Ferrucci piano recital, in collaboration with the Keyboard Charitable Trust, London. Ferrucci will perform and explain the complete J. S. Bach Goldberg Variations in “Bach Golderg Variations: A Voyage of Discovery” – an enormous undertaking and rarely experienced live!
Italian-Australian pianist Jonathan Ferrucci has given concerts throughout Europe, Australia, the US, and Japan. Multiple award-winner and rising star in the piano world he is also co-founder of Made in Music, a non-profit with the mission to unite people from different cultures and backgrounds through the universal language of music.
Tickets are available at
Dietlinde Maazel Wood
Jonathan with Tony Wood and grandchild
Feeding the animals on Castletown Farm

Monday 17th Decatur House Museum Washington

Tuesday 18th October Beaumont Bryn Mawr Philadelphia


Wednesday 19th Oaks Cloister Philadelphia

Sarah Biggs with our host Dr Russell Harris

Thursday 20th October Klavierhaus New York

With Caroline after the concert : Goldberg Variations
Full house in the Klavierhaus
In rehearsal

Friday 21st October Cokesbury Village Wilmington Delaware

Another standing ovation on last day of the tour
Phil Davies with JF
Friends of Cokesbury Village
Cokesbury Village theatre before the concert


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