Alexander Gadjiev streamed live from the Wigmore Hall

Alexander Gadjiev at the Wigmore Hall with a monumental performance of the Schumann Fantasie of a radiance and beauty where his passionate and compassionate soul brought the words of Schlegel vividly to life:’Resounding through all the notes ….there sounds a faint long-drawn note for the one who listens in secret’.
I have not heard the Fantasie played with such freedom and sensitivity since the very first time I heard it played that was by Rubinstein in the 60’s.

A Prokofiev 7th Sonata where Schumann is quoted but was of a desolation and desperation of quite overwhelming emotional effect.Whispered sounds echoed around the Wigmore Hall as rarely before.The insistence of the precipitato brought him to superhuman feats of exhilaration and animal excitement – the same playing for the moment of Rubinstein where empty note picking has no place in the overall power of the musical message they have to share.The simplicity and glowing beauty of the Chopin Prelude in E minor was quite unforgettable as was his Etude op 10.n.8.Thrown off with nonchalant charm and ease like the great artists of the Golden age of piano playing.Art that conceals Art or maybe just having something to say and not being afraid to share it


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