Goldberg -Ferrucci to be or not to be

Facinating pod cast for the Keyboard Trust with Jonathan Ferrucci ……some inspired and inspiring comments on his forthcoming performance of the Goldberg variations.It will be available on the Trust website and his performance will be streamed live from St Mary’s Perivale on Sunday 28th March at 4.

There was lots to discuss all centred around Florence…….and Bach!
It was there that I first heard Rosalyn Tureck giving a lecture on Bach in the Cristofori museum of Stefano Fiuzzi.I could not believe that she had not been invited to give a recital so I invited her to play in Rome.A performance of the Goldberg Variations ,one that I had never forgotten from my student days in London.( see programme below)
It created a sensation after 25 years absence from the stage when she had stopped performing in order to dedicate herself to the study of Bach in Oxford.Creating her own Bach research institute of which I was eventually invited to be a trustee.

Florence immediately woke up and invited her to La Pergola theatre and she became the diva of this centre of European culture,playing sometimes twice a season.

That mantle has now passed to Angela Hewitt and it is she who had noted in 2014 a young florentine boy of quite exceptional human and pianistic gifts with whom she has been sharing her unique ideas from a life immersed in the world of the Universal Genius of J.S.Bach.
Rosalyn’s performance was like a rock to be revered and honoured from a distance whereas Angela’s is based on the song and the dance to be enjoyed and moved ,touched as it is by the human spirit.
Angela had trained as a dancer which one can admire in all that she does. Jonathan practises Ashtanga yoga and considers it an integral part of his work ,and essential in his life.In fact he stands on his head for a few minutes before starting the day.
Jonathan’s teacher for 10 years ,Giovanni Carmassi,inspired him to pursue music in life but did warn him that music is a “dangerous disease” .The book of conversations with Carmassi is the New Testament as Neuhaus the Old.Both are a pianist’s bible .
All discussed over some magnificent examples from Jonathan’s upcoming performance.It will be a performance to cherish as was Angela’s recently in the church where Bach is laid to rest in Leipzig.
If music be the food of love … on ………
We certainly need it in these unexpected times.
“I have not been with you for so long”
“Cabbages and turnips have driven me away”………”If my mother had cooked meat ,I would have stayed longer!”
What can this last variation mean ………Jonathan reveals what he has discovered in his lockdown study of the greatest set of variations ever written.

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