Elia Cecino – A star is born

A remarkable recital streamed from the town hall of Quarto D’Altino -Venice.Elia Cecino the 19 year old winner of the Premio Venezia played works by Shostakovich ,Scriabin,Natra and Prokofiev.A prelude and fugue op 87 n 21 by Shostakovich showed off all the clarity and finger dexterity in one of the most explosive of Preludes .He brought the same absolute clarity to the fugue played with great rhythmic energy and a very sparing use of pedal.

The dense colour and drama of Scriabin 3rd Sonata was played with sumptuous sounds dissolving to liquid gold as he constructed the great architectural shape of this remarkable work.Always keeping the forward movement to the final whispered chords of the first movement ,through the Allegretto to its final tempestuous chord that heralds the beauty of the Andante .It was played with a subtle rubato that allowed the tenor melodic line to shine out so beautifully amongst the magical accompanying arabesques.The menacing opening motif heralded the passionate outpourings of the last movement leading to the inevitable climax played not only with great passion and sumptuous sounds but also great care of the balance and the overall architectural line to the final anguished outcry.

There were some amazing sounds in the 3 Street Cortèges by the Romanian composer Sergiu Natra a work of great effect .I imagine a set work for the Enescu Competition.Three movements :Carnaval,Funeral procession and Demonstration or Revolt.A kaleidoscope of sounds as he tore over the entire keyboard with such authority.Sounding in parts like Prokofiev it was played with an overwhelming rhythmic intensity but also with the clear sense of line and balance of a true musician.The deep brooding sounds of the Funeral were given a hypnotic rhythmic intensity on which rode the lone melodic line before allowing the bass to die away into the distance.Revolt had the same rhythmic drive that brought this short suite.unknown to me ,to a tumultuous close.

Prokofiev’s 7th sonata was the ideal work for Elia’s clarity and driving rhythmic energy.The languid takes over from the frenzy with such inevitability in Elia’s masterly hands,And the Andante Caloroso showed what beauty and real feeling he could portray ,with such flexibility and sense of flowing line,the brooding melancholy.The Precipitato was the ideal work for his youthful energy and technical command that seems to know no difficulties.Relentless driving rhythms to the final ecstatic pages brought this recital to a tumultuous close.


Elia Cecino is a young Italian pianist who since 2014 regularly performs in Italy and Europe in solo and chamber recitals and with orchestra.He has emerged thanks to the many awards in international piano competitions such as Pozzoli in Seregno, Casagrande in Terni, Schumann in Düsseldorf, Luciani in Cosenza, Città di Albenga, Isidor Bajic in Novi Sad, Chopin in Budapest, Rosario Marciano in Vienna.
In 2019 he won the 36th edition Premio Venezia at Gran Teatro La Fenice in Venice.In 2017 he had already been noted at the Osimo Competition by the jury member Moritz von Bredow a trustee of the Keyboard Trust who immediately invited him to tour Germany with great success.He is now mentored by Eliso Virsaladze in Fiesole where he is held in high esteem

Maddalena De Facci Teatro La Pergola Florence

He was born on 2001 and since 2009 has been studying with Maddalena De Facci. In 2014 he obtained the third grade pre-academic certificate on piano with full marks at “Conservatorio B. Maderna” in Cesena. From 2012 he attended Masterclasses with eminent pedagogues and pianists among which Riccardo Risaliti, Giampaolo Nuti, Alberto Nosè, Pasquale Iannone, Marian Mika, Roberto Plano, Maurizio Baglini, Vincenzo Balzani and Benedetto Lupo. In July 2014 he was selected by Aldo Ciccolini as active participant in the Masterclass during “31st Musica Riva Festival international meeting for young musicians” in Riva del Garda. In July 2015 he attended the 2nd International Piano Festival in Italy in San Giovanni Teatino and he has Masterclasses with the pianists Alexander Kobrin, Juan Lago, Nikita Fitenko and Yuri Didenko. In March 2016 he attended “Clavicologne International Piano Festival” in Aachen and he gas Masterclasses with the pianists Aquiles Delle Vigne, Iljia Scheps, Leonel Morales, Jaques Rouvier, Yuri Didenko, Arkadi Zenzipér. Elia Cecino won the first prize in more than 50 national and international piano competition in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland and Germany among which: 16th Marco Bramanti Piano Competition in Forte dei Marmi; 2nd Clavicologne International Piano Competition in Aachen; 23rd International Chopin festival in Mazovia; 3rd Filippo Trevisan Piano Prize in Palmanova; 9th Epta Piano Competition for Young Pianists in Osjiek; 14th Città di Gorizia Competition; 14th Vietri sul Mare-Costa Amalfitana Piano Competition; 5th Città di Firenze Premio Crescendo Piano Competition; 26th Città di Albenga Piano Competition; 1st G. Tartini Piano Competition in Pirano; Città di San Donà di Piave Piano Competition; 21st Giulio Rospigliosi National Piano Competition in Lamporecchio. In 2013 he was finalist and 2nd prize with scholarship in the Caesar Franck International Piano Competition in Bruxelles. In 2015 he was selected for the Aarhus International Piano Competition in Denmark. In 2016 he win the 25th Ibla Grand Prize in Ragusa and so he’ll play in concert at Carnegie Hall in New York in may 2017. The last two years Elia has been invited to give a lot of solo recitals in some music festival at Villa Bertelli in Forte dei Marmi, at Palazzo Loschi in Vicenza, at Villa De Brandis in San Giovanni al Natisone, at teatro Manzoni and at Villa Scornio in Pistoia for the the “Amici dell’opera”, at Palazzo Albrizzi and at Cavagnis cultural center in Venezia, in the Festival of Nations at the Marcello theatre in Rome, at Sala Marizza in Fogliano Redipuglia, at Palazzo delle Generali in Trieste, at the Sale Apollinee of the Gran Teatro La Fenice in Venezia during the event “Happy birthday Mozart”, at San Marco church in Marostica, at San Remigio auditorium in Vimodrone (MI) in Piano Talent Festival, at Sant’Antonio church in Cellamonte Monferrato (AL) in Monferrato Classic Festival. Since 2013 Elia Cecino has been member of a piano duo four-hands which gained numerous first prizes, awards and recognitions on competitions and festivals. From last year Elia has been member of a duo piano-violin, a duo and trio with violin and cello and they have a lot of concerts. He performed with orchestra the K 491 Mozart’s piano concert at Palazzo Zacco in Padova and and at the church of the Patron Saints of Europe in Marcon.



Eliso Virsaladze in Fiesole
Eliso Virsaladze teaching in Fiesole

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