Wonders in Gstaad Sommets musicaux Martha Argerich,Renaud Capucon,Nelson Goerner,Michel Dalberto, Victor JulienLaferrière Alexandre Kantorow


Pure gold Renaud Capucon with Martha Argerich from Gstaadt with the Kreutzer and Franck Sonatas streamed live but watchable as a guest on Medici web site .Tomorrow Martha Argerich with Nelson Goerner and Sunday Capucon in trio with Kantorow.


Stunning with more gold dust from Gstaad
Martha Argerich and Nelson Goerner magic and much more in the rarefied mountain air.
Eternal youth and great artistry combine to ravish us with beauty and astonishing virtuosity.
Available as guest on Medici Gstaad Sommets musicaux


Even more wonders from Gstaad with a monumental performance of Tchaikowsky’s Trio in A minor.Barely looking at the score as Capucon eyes shut soared into the heights just as Kantorow dissolved to the final desolate bass note.Laferrière and Capucon joined in such burning intensity with Kantorow providing such sumptuous sounds before dissolving to an aching silence each of the three exhausted after a such ravishing and harrowing experience


Wondrous Schubert played by this almost forgotten winner of the Leeds Piano Competition in 1978.
A star student together with Cristian Zacharias of Vlado Perlemuter and today there was no doubt that we were in the presence of a master.
Looking much like Pollini and with the same intelligence and seriousness but with a voice that has something truly personal to say.Sitting very low with beautifully arched hands that etched out the most ravishing colours but also what passion.Has the opening of the Cminor Sonata ever sounded more intense with the sheer brooding intensity of the development?A coda of such ominous rumbling in the bass moving relentlessly to the final chords.
The same legato as Perlemuter in the slow movement played with real weight and such wondrous sounds when the melody is repeated legato with the non legato bass,all played with such poignancy and poetic freedom.The frantic pace of the whirling tarantella finale was breathtaking but always with the divine intervention of Schubert’s endless unexpected outpouring of song.
The subdued richness of the opening of the B flat Sonata was a marvel indeed.Passionate declamations mingled with such intimate confessions,the menacing bass trill like in the Appassionata always present.A whispered coda ending so mysteriously with the bass trill ever present but barely audible.The intimate passionate luminosity of the slow movement and the sheer delicacy of the Scherzo contrasting with the unbridled menace of the Trio.The joy and drama in the last movement called to order by a single bell like chime.Some truly magical lyrical moments played with all the great personality of a Schwarzkopf or young Dieskau.
One has to ask but why has so little been heard of this great pianist on the very shores that brought him to public recognition in 1978?


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