Victor Braojos at Steinway Hall. New Artist’s Series for the Keyboard Trust

Victor Braojos the young Spanish pianist is working with Martin Roscoe at the Guildhall in London so it came as no surprise his superb musical credentials in two of the pinnacles of the piano repertoire : Schumann Fantasie op 17 and Beethoven ‘Appassionata’Sonata op 57.
Very interesting choice of piece by Josep Maria Guix to separate these two monumental works.A short piece full of the same colours as in Beethoven’s Bagatelles op 126 which was the inspiration for this contemporary Spanish composer.
It was a courageous choice too by a true musician that after the sturm und drang of the Appassionata the mellifluous Bagatelle op 126 n.3 was the solution where Beethoven had finally found the peace that had been so elusive for him in his earlier years.

Talking with one of the artistic directors the distinguished keyboard player Elena Vorotko Victor spoke very movingly about the health crisis he had suffered at the age of 17 that made him decide on a career in music instead of a prospected medical one.As he charmingly said it was the best decision of his life which we were also able to witness by the total commitment that he demonstrated with his playing.
He is preparing a new CD in this dark lockdown pandemic with a title that says it all :’Shreds of light’ with Bach 2nd Partita ,Brahms op 117 and the Liszt B minor Sonata.

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