Dmitri Alexeev in Poland 2 “Bewitched,bothered and bewildered”

Another superb recital by Dmitri Alexeev in Warsaw for the 16th International Music Festival Chopin and his Europe .
A tormented soul that can transmit the very essence of the music.
From the superb freedom of Schumann where the melodic line in the first novelette was something to wonder at .As were so many refined details in a Kreisleriana of such freedom but with such magisterial shape .
There is only one other person before the public today that can spin the same magic with the same freedom that comes from living with the the music for a lifetime.Such daring and a voice that has so much to say.
Martha Argerich and Dmitri Alexeev are quite unique in this age where quantity seems to have taken over from quality.
The same timeless quality of a great wine that has had time to mature.
And listening for the third time this week ,streamed live from Poland,in Chopin’s birthplace one is aware of the sumptuous sound that creates a cocoon in which he is free to allow the music a freedom of expression that must have been exactly as the composer himself contemplated it.
The message is so immediate and of seeming simplicity that not only Alexeev is totally absorbed in a trance like concentration but he involves us too in a continual voyage of discovery and search for the beauty that is in the eye of the beholder.
Bewitched,bothered and bewildered indeed.


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