Nicolae Dumitru the great communicator in the name of Enescu

Nicolae Dumitru at the Romanian Culturale Institute

A packed out hall at the Romanian Institute for the Enescu Concert Series.

Having just returned from the Enescu Festival in Romania I can testify as to what reverence the memory of this great musician is held.…/…

For us he is well known as the much loved mentor of Yehudi Menuhin .
But he was a prodigy on the piano and violin graduating at a very early age in Vienna and completing his studies at the Paris Conservatoire with the one wish to compose.
There are so many compositions almost unknown to us and it is the ambition of this series to invite musicians of stature with the sole obligation of including at least one work by Enescu in their programme

Tonight Nicolae Dumitru included three pieces from the Suite.3 op 18:Melodie,Mazurk Melancolique and the Appassionato.

Maestro Dumitru is obviously a born communicator.

In 2013 he initiated ,with the sponsorship of the Raiffeisen Bank,a series of educational concerts in 15 Romanian cities.
During the Franz Liszt Bicentennial Year (2011) he performed “Liszt dans le Metro” in the Bucharest subway!

In fact it was his very learned introductions that made for such a stimulating evening tonight.
From his explanation as to who was Enescu .
Following after Chopin’s first Ballade with the fact that Brahms was one of the last of the composer pianists of his period.As indeed was Rachmaninoff.

It gave us food for thought indeed in his performances of one of Brahms last compositions for the piano the beautiful set of six pieces that make up op 118.

And one of the last composition for piano of Rachmaninoff The Corelli Variations op 42.

This fine musician to finish his lecture recital treated his audience to an improvisation sharing with us in music the mood of this day of sun in London
A drink together in the beautiful ever generous Romanian Institute gave the audience a chance to discuss and delve deeper into the thoughts that had been seeded in an unsually stimulating evening in the name of Enescu.


L'immagine può contenere: 1 persona, spazio al chiuso
L'immagine può contenere: 1 persona, spazio al chiuso
L'immagine può contenere: una o più persone e spazio al chiuso
L'immagine può contenere: 1 persona, spazio al chiuso



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