Vengerov and Papian Enescu Festival Che Festa !

Vengerov and Papian – Enescu Festival Welcome to their party in Sibiu
Maxim Vengerov and Vag Papian for the Enescu Festival in Sibiu
This recital was the last in the series of five concerts in Sibiu for the Enescu Festival .
A recital that will close this three week feast of music on Sunday in Bucharest.
Every seat in the house was taken for Maxim Vengerov the 14 year old boy who took London by storm all those years ago and is now sharing his gifts with a world in desperate need of charm and beauty.
It is the same charm and total assurance that he shares equally in his masterclasses with young musicians as with his adoring public in concert.
His charm,stature and total control remind me not a little of Pavarotti!
“Perfection ,which is the passion of so many people,is irrelevant to me.What is important in art is to vibrate and make others vibrate” George Enescu
As was clear last night it is not the absolute perfection of Vengerov but his ability to communicate with the audience and to make them feel that he is playing for each and every one present that lead to a party type atmosphere that only the greatest of musicians can create.
And he too was now part of this party and ever generous regaled the footstamping and rhythmic clapping ,that he had generated, with four encores.
Two by Kreisler, that other great communicator :Caprice Viennois op.2 and Tambourin Chinois op 3.
Played with such subtle charm and evident contageous enjoyment that it could only be followed by a dream.
“Apres un reve” played with that wonderful golden sound that was very much Kreislers The glorious sounds soaring into the auditorium and greeted by an absolute golden silence from a public mesmerised by the elegance of this young charmer.
Greeted eventually
by a storm of applause a last farewell with Brahms Hungarian Dance n.2.
An announcement immediately afterwards even said that the arists would be glad to meet the audience and sign autographs!
What fun we all had. Not even the artists wanted to say goodbye.
Of course in all this we have spoken only of Vengerov .
The amazing discovery for me was the pianist Vag Papian every bit his equal on this occasion.
Music just poured out of the piano with such marvellous sounds that matched the violin so perfectly.
Listening so intently he hardly looked at the score in a long and difficult programme. Infact in the last encore he did not even have the score.
In his hands the piano became a magic box of sounds.
A real orchestra with such total control of the whole line but with such temperament that he shared the sparks with his famous partner.
I read that he is also a very distinguished conductor directing from the piano with the English Chamber Orchestra and many others worldwide.
Not suprised.
I doubt that the Enescu Sonata – n.2 op 6 in place of the advertised better known n.3- could have had a finer reading .
An earlywork from 1899 it was the first work in which the young Enescu had found his voice fusing Rumanian folk elements, through the use of the Aeolian mode ever present in Moldavian folk music, with the classical sonata structure.
Enescu (1881-1955) was a child prodigy in violin and piano graduating in Vienna at the age of 13 and later completing his studies at the Paris Conservatoire where this work was composer shortly after.
Dedicated to Jacque Thibaut there is a famous recording of Enescu playing it with Dinu Lipatti.
The bare opening theme played in unison and leading to impassioned sections played with great feeling by the two players in total harmony.The spirted dance like Vif played with great rhythmic energy.
The Brahms FAE sonata movement and the great D minor Sonata op 108 received sumptuous full blooded performances.
The piano providing the almost orchestral support and in the scherzo – un poco presto e con sentimento- coming very much into his own and leading with great charm and delicacy before launching into the massive Presto Agitato .
The soaring melody in the Adagio can rarely have been given a more impassioned and beautiful reading.
After the interval the Cesar Franck Sonata played with all the virtuosity and impassioned beauty that makes this work so loved.
No words can express the atmosphere created in the hall by the total fusion of these two great artists.
It was indeed an evening that will long be remembered and it was a privilege to have been present at such an intimately impassioned evening amongst friends.

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