Dr Mather’s cure ……….

Vitaly Pisarenko for Hugh Mather at St Barnabas
It was indeed a remarkable recital.
A very generous event organised by Hugh Mather to offer a try out recital for a very important concert in Zurich tomorrow.
Clare Packenham ,the distinguished authoress came over especially to support a pianist who is very special indeed.
Wonderful sounding Boesendorfer concert grand .
An old instrument but from the days when the great Germanic pianos had a very special sound.
So not easy to play but it is the great pianist who can dominate and get the piano to give up its innermost secrets.
Was it not Richter who enjoyed the challenge of discovering and seducing even the most difficult instruments.
Vlado Perlemuter said the best concert he ever gave was on a “casserole” in a school in the English countryside.
Magnificent Liszt playing indeed. Intelligent,subtly​ poetic of such transcendental virtuosity one was not even aware of the mastery we were enjoying.
Liszt Ballades not only n.2 but the rarely heard n.1 .
All one could exclaim is why are these works so rarely heard in recital.
The answer is obvious .
It requires the enormous musical and technical understanding that is so very rare.
Liszt tenth Hungarian Rhapsody where the glissandi were thrown off with an old world ease and charm of a much missed Cherkassky.
Of course the piano was made to resound with the magic of Schubert`s Impromptus. Played with such a subtle rubato almost verging on the romantic but held tightly in control with a sense of the delicate magic that these songs without words can express in the hands of a true poet.
The German dances that opened this short but totally satisfying try out were played with the same idiomatic delicacy and charm of the mazurkas of Chopin.
Lucky Zurich they have no idea what treat is in store.
From Perivale to Zurich in 24 hours all thanks to our ever generous Dr Mather.
Ever vigilant of the needs of great talent.
Of course Vitaly Pisarenko played his part too!


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