Faziolissimo…..Tarasewicz and Aliyev at St James’s

Maria Tarasewicz and Jamal Aliyev at St James’s …….Faziolissimo!
Cellissimo indeed but one should also add to title of this series at St James`s Piccadilly for the recital by Jamal Aliyev and Maria Tarasewicz.
Pianissimo would not quite be the equivalent maybe Faziolissimo would make my meaning clearer.
We know that Jamal is one of the finest cellists of his generation I have said it even recently.
How he has matured in the past few years from a very talented student at the RCM to the great artist that the world is beginning to realise.
He has what the Tortelier`s called “peso”. Strong subtle fingers that cling to the strings like limpets(Gilels would be the equivalent on the piano) but he has an even stronger heart and mind that take you on a memorable trip whatever he plays
Whether the charming Minstrel`s Song op.71 by Glazunov that opened todays recital or the monumental Shostakovich Sonata op 40 ,not to forget the total abandonment in Chopin`s youthfully brilliant Polonaise op.3.
Hats off to Jamal but it is not he that has made me want to talk about this recital today but the subtle magical playing of Maria Tarasewicz.
Lucky Jamal that has found the perfect partner a true magician that can turn a fine but very difficult loud Fazioli piano into a magic box totally at her command.
Playing with the lid fully open,never did she overwhelm Jamal as I have heard others so often do in this very church.
An amazingly small but very flexible hand like Alicia de Larrocha it can do exactly as her heart and mind lead her.
The beauty of the sound that is very rarely heard on this piano was proof that she was listening not only to Jamal but even more rarely to herself.
The wondrous sounds that Jamal finds on his Gabrielli cello of 1752 perfectly matched and sometimes even bettered on this Fazioli of 2010.
A real duel where they are united in their ultimate goal which is recreating the music before them with all the drama ,maturity and beauty that their youthful mastery allow them.
We the public can just flock to their concerts in the knowledge of a fulfilling musical experience as we did for that other golden couple Barenboim~Du Pre so cruelly taken from us all those years ago.


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