Michelangelo in Viterbo

Kyung-Mi Lee,violoncello Michelangelo Carbonara,pianoforte at Tuscia University in Viterbo for the Saturday Series of Prof.Franco Carlo Ricci
A last minute cancellation led to an improvised concert of great music making from a duo in life as on stage . Michelangelo Carbonara used to play quite regularly in my theatre in Rome as did many other fine students from the Piano Academy of William Nabore in Como. Now a highly respected professional musician he is fast making a name for himself as a fine pianist of unusually refined musicianship. Kyung- Mi Lee a kindred spirit on the cello gave a programme together with Michelangelo of works by Beethoven and Rachmaninov .
Michelangelo completing this improvised concert with a Mozart Sonata for piano solo K.311.Some very refined playing especially in the slow movement where his sense of balance allowed the melodic line to sing with such a beautiful unforced sound that it was hard to believe that this was the same piano that we have heard so many times before in lesser hands.
With his superb ornamentation and sense of line one more than forgave his lack of time in preparing this very intricate work This was a real musician’s work in progress that he chose to share with us and with only a little more time to prepare will become a very special performance indeed.Especially fine was not only his sense of real identification with the character and spirit of this deceptively simple work but above all his real understanding of the style.
The two G minor Sonatas for Cello and Piano ( or should it be Piano and cello?) by Beethoven op 5 n.2 and Rachmaninov op 19 showed off all their innate musicianship. A duo which signifies, as Menuhin would say, of mutual anticipation A musical conversation in which the two performers listen to each other and are more interested in the whole than in their own very difficult parts. A real case in point was the slow movement of the Rachmaninov where the sumptuous opening on the piano was totally incorporated and intertwined with the cello . Rarely have I heard such an integrated performance of the Allegro scherzando where the two instruments were united as one .
The intricate piano figurations in the first moment like silver to the wonderful sumptuous sounds from Kyung- Mi’s cello . The Beethoven was a real lesson in style from the opening dotted rhythms on the piano to the wonderful melodic lines that followed.The last movement at an irresistibly right tempo to bring this early masterpiece to a brilliant conclusion . An encore of the beautiful slow movement from Chopin’s cello sonata brought an evening of rare music making to a close.


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