Kavakos in Rome

Paavo Jarvi and Leonidas Kavakos with the Orchestra of Santa Cecilia at the Parco della Musica. Bartok Dance Suite Sz77 and 2nd Violin Concerto Sz122 and Brahms second symphony op73
Ovation not only from the public but above all from the orchestra What more can one say?
A pleasure to see that great cellist Luigi Piovano savouring every note as he led the cellist into the sumptuous world of Brahms.
A hard driven performance of the Second Symphony by a real kapellmeister along the lines of a Bohm or Jochum in which a real sense of line gave all the necessary time to allow Brahms’ music to speak for itself without any sentimentality or exaggeration.
Great sense of balance too in which the magnificent brass section were always part of the great line being created before our eyes. The exchange between the woodwinds and strings was pure chamber music .
Missing the spiritual magic and some of the real warmth of a Walter or Pappano.It was,however, a remarkable performance always kept on a tight reign that allowed the orchestra to ride so naturally on these long lines and play with all the warmth and mutual anticipation that has been so much part of the Pappano era .
A difficult first half of Bartok . The Dance Suite amazingly written in 1923 where all the dance rhythms were fully characterised by this highly professional and esteemed conductor taking us into this extraordinarily revolutionary sound world.
Kavakos ,quite rightly taking the world by storm with his seemingly effortless perfect violin playing .Musicianship to the fore and amazing feats of concentration between violinist,orchestra and conductor in the second violin concerto of 1939.
Missing some of the savage naked emotion of the Hungarian gypsy tradition nevertheless was given an amazingly assured performance from all concerned .where again the musical line was paramount . No mean feat for such a complex work .
An exemplary performance missing the warmth and soul of a Menuhin who was one of the very first to realise and help the suffering genius of this still rarely played composer.
An encore for Kavakos of a movement from a Bach solo suite on his wonderfully rich sounding “Abergavenny”Stradivari violin.
Played almost without vibrato in the true baroque tradition but with a sense of shade and colour that showed all the transcendental virtuosity and real musicianship of who must be today one of the finest violinists before the public.


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