The Miracle that is Albertazzi

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Last night at Ostia Antica in Rome .Giorgio Albertazzi’s memorable interpretation of Marguerite Yourcenar’s Memorie di Adriano.


Remarkable ” tour de force” by what must surely be one of the greatest actors of the age,Now unbelievably in his 92 year ,Over an hour on stage in what is the essence of Yourcenars famous story of Adriano.


In fact you could say that Albertazzi is Adriano so intense and concentrated is his one man performance it draws the public in to his almost intimate confessions.


Accompanied only by some very atmospheric sounds mainly fomr Evelyn Megnaghi and with the regal presence of Stefania Masala and another two actors Albertazzi held the stage alone for over an hour.A veritable feat of memory but also of comunication … this is the real art of an actor and what a lesson he gave all those fortunate enough to have been present in this magical setting.


Even the ” Gods” were silenced by il Maestro for the rain storm that delayed the start of the performance was abaited right until the very last line when the heavens opened up again..When Albertazzi speaks even the Gods must listen


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