JAMAL AND ANNA at Mansfield Street

JAMAL AND ANNA at Mansfield Street

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From the heart to the heart you could say .


Beautiful recital by last night .Three big works magnificently played.The Rachmaninov Sonata ,in particular,played with realconviction and almost without the score it was so much part of them ………and led on to a wonderful Chopin Polonaise where Jamal abandoned the score completely and they were in their element.As Barbirolli once said about Jaqueline du Pre, sometimes criticised for playing with too much passion and warmth but how he loved it for he said if you don’t play like that in your youth what will be pared down later.


Oh what it is to be young and so talented and lets hope that they will go a long way together ……Anna even had a heart shaped neckless just incase we had not noticed!

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