Cristian Sandrin at the Romanian Cultural Institute.Mastery and musicianship combine in a celebration of Enescu

Great celebrations at the beautiful Romanian Cultural Embassy with a pre launch presentation of Cristian Sandrin’s new CD that includes the remarkable first Sonata by Enescu.

The cover of the new CD that will be available shortly

A National hero celebrated every year,in Bucharest and throughout the whole of Romania with a festival and international competition in his name.
Cristian gave a superb performance of this two movement work with its bleak second movement after the brilliance of the first.

Pablo Casals described Enescu as “the greatest musical phenomenon since Mozart”and “one of the greatest geniuses of modern music”Queen Marie of Romania wrote in her memoirs that “in George Enescu was real gold”.Yehudi Menuhin considered Enescu “the most extraordinary human being, the greatest musician and the most formative influence” he had ever experienced.[

With Enescu looking on from the mantelpiece we were treated to a performance of great rhythmic energy and a subtle kaleidoscope of sounds.A performance of weight and authority of a masterpiece that deserves to be heard more often in the concert hall.
The concert had begun with two Petrarc sonnets by Liszt that were played with ravishing sounds and passionate conviction.

Cristian introducing his surprise programme

It was a concert without a printed programme and so after the interval we were astonished when Cristian announced that he would now play Beethoven’s Sonata in E op 109 and Chopin Sonata in B minor op 58!
Reminiscent of Andras Schiff who prefers not to be tied down years in advanced to a specific programme but knows the public will trust him to play only the greatest of works.He had appeared on the Wigmore Stage recently and after the interval had announced quite casually that he would now play Beethoven’s monumental ‘Hammerklavier’Sonata!
Wilhelm Kempf would regularly arrive at the recording studio and simply ask ‘what would you like me to play today?’
Cristian like Schiff is a superb musician who is mentored by that great musician Imogen Cooper.Everything he plays is imbued with intelligence and beauty.

An architectural shape which creates a great arch of noble importance where the details are not of prime importance as much as a structure that is constructed like a great cathedral on rock.
A lesson of musical integrity and serious intent that was bequeathed to him by his recently deceased father the renowned pianist Sandu Sandrin.
The school of Enescu of an age of complete musicians at the service of the music .
And what music was heard tonight!

Queen Elisabeth of Romania with George Enescu and Dimitrie Dinicu at Peles Castle

Beethoven’s last thoughts on the sonata opened in a magic cloud of insinuating beauty only to be interrupted by Beethovenian outbursts of majestic nobility.Driving rhythms of the second movement with its relentless energy left Beethoven free to express his inner soul with the sublime theme and variations that followed.
Beethoven’s ever more present celestial trills created streams of sound on which floated on high the theme before laying to rest weary and barely able to whisper the final heart rending return of the magical opening.

George Enescu ……..of whom Yehudi Menuhin, Enescu’s most famous pupil, said “He will remain for me the absoluteness through which I judge others.Enescu gave me the light that has guided my entire existence.”

A masterly performance and bodes well for Cristian’s performance of the Beethoven Trilogy in the LSO Barbican at St Luke’s on the 26th April.An unmissable opportunity to hear Beethoven’s last thoughts from a musician whose integrity and musical intelligence are impeccable.

Cristian with the director of the Romanian Institute,Catinca Maria Nistor,who had given a very poetic welcoming introduction to this evening’s concert

Chopin’s B minor Sonata completed this marathon recital.Notable was the ravishing masculine nobility that he gave to the second subject of the first movement and the mounting excitement he brought to the final rondo.
Playing of nobility and architectural weight that lent to Chopin a strength and shape that made one aware of what a revolutionary genius he truly was!

Honoured by the presence of the Mayor of Harrow where there is a particularly large Romanian community
The group photo celebrating this great opening event in the name of Romania’s greatest musician .
Great celebrations in the sumptuous Romanian Cultural Institute in Belgravia
And finally dinner in a nearby Lebanese Restaurant which stayed open especially to feed this young artist after his marathon recital.

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