Schubertiade at Kings Place. All you need is love !

Imogen Cooper Katya Apekisheva Dominic Degavino Charles Owen

The stage of Kings Place was transformed for the evening into an intimate salon of sublime music making with a Schubertiade of eight hands on one piano.

Kings Place had tried its best to unwrap itself for the evening but with a card machine that did not work and only one place where programmes were on sale.

A public convenience that was a bit like scaling Everest or descending into Hades !Some rather duff furniture on stage in the hope of creating an intimate atmosphere in this most antiseptic of concert halls.
It was trying too hard again to please .
It was enough the sublime creation of Schubert on its own to create the magic that eludes the PR boys of Kings Place.
An even distribution of boy and girl created a fascinating glimpse of the artistry of all four fine musicians who listen so unselfishly to each other.

Charles Owen Katya Apekisheva

Katya Apekisheva’s ravishing sensibility in the Divertissment was truly inspired as had been her Schubert B flat in this festival last year.

Dominic Degavino. Charles Owen

Also a protégée of Imogen Coopers Music Trust,Dominic Degavino,created a magic atmosphere much helped by the sensitive musicianship of Charles Owen who had also played a major part sustaining Katya .He also joined Imogen Cooper in a very musicianly account of Lebenssturme where the mutual sensitivity of Schubert’s chameleon like changes of colour was breathtaking.
Imogen together with her protégée Dominic played as one in a monumental performance of the sublime masterpiece that is the F minor Fantasy .

Imogen Cooper. Katya Apekisheva

But it was the combination of the two ladies that stole our hearts with a performance of the rarely heard Variations on an original theme.
Delicacy,passion,virtuosity and simplicity combined with four hands locked in a true love duet of refined music making of perfect ensemble.
It was more than that ….they played as one ….their hearts beating together.

Magic had taken the stage …….it took just the genius of Schubert and the artistry of the medium between us and his soulmates.
If only Kings Place could wrap this up and keep it safe for my next visit.

Magic at Kings Place
The artistic endeavours of KP knows no bounds …..trying so hard to please .
Knotty twine indeed !


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