Hao Zi Yoh at the L.S.E. Purity,sensibility and elegance simply expressed

Some ravishing playing from Hao Zi Yoh at the LSE .Playing of such clarity and purity,sensibility and intelligence that brought everything she played vividly to life.It was in Mozart’s simple C major sonata K.330 that this ability to make the music speak brought operatic life to a work that Schnabel famously said was too easy for children but too difficult for adults.
The ornaments in the first movement unwound like a spring of real jewels allowed to glisten and gleam with such ease and simplicity.
Art that conceals art was indeed the hallmark of this refreshingly innocent young artist who could imbue everything she touched with a life of its own.

From the golden sounds of Debussy’s Pagodes to the sultry seductive atmosphere of Soirée dans Grenade.Has the rain ever been so insistent as in Jardins sous la Pluie where even the gentle patter of rain and the eventual tempestuous torrent that followed could not diminish the radiance of the little children’s melody and the crystalline clarity of innocence that Debussy so magically allows to sing out during such a downpour .The ending is so similar to Ravel’s Jeux d’eau where the water is obviously continuing into the distance and we are only allowed a brief glance while the water continues on to some distant land

Glissandi played with transcendental ease

‘Ondine’ too sang so happily in such clear waters and even the impending turbulence did not disturb Hao Zi’s extraordinary sense of balance and a technical command at the service of the musical line .Glissandi on white notes and black were played with such ease as streams of sounds swept over the keys before cascading down like a great waterfall
The tolling bell in ‘Le Gibet ‘ was with a relentless luminosity despite all the cloudy atmosphere of the desolate landscape .A technical control of sound that was remarkable as it was unnoticeable.
The devilish imp ‘Scarbo’ streaked across the keyboard like strokes of lightning as he went on his devilish way with an unstoppable rhythmic drive.Only stopped by the great chimes that Hao Zi struck from above as this devilish thing burnt himself out


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