Elia Cecino in London for the Keyboard Trust

Elia Cecino at Steinway Hall for The Keyboard Charitable Trust playing Beethoven,Debussy and Scriabin.
A twenty year old pianist who plays with the maturity of someone twice his age.Winner of so many prestigious prizes including the Premio Venezia and recently the Mottram International Concerto Competition in Manchester.The irascible impatient Beethoven of the first movement of the Sonata op 31 n.1 was played with a rhythmic rigour and extraordinary contrasts.Immediately calmed by the unexpected beauty of the bel canto of the Adagio grazioso that was only to be attempted by Beethoven again in the much later Hammerklavier.Beethoven’s simple final pastoral jaunt in the Viennese countryside was played with an eloquence and scrupulous attention to detail.
Elia found just the right balance too in Debussy’s remarkable early Estampes where Pagodes may have been played ‘sans nuances’ as Debussy implored but was full of scintillating flights of fantasy.La soirée dans Grenade was played with the same insinuation and subtle colours of Spain that had De Falla on his knees with admiration for Debussy’s complete understanding of the Spain that he had only visited very briefly once.
There was technical brilliance and subtle lights in the final Jardins sous la pluie.
It was though the mature understanding and youthful passion that he brought to Scriabin’s 3rd Sonata that was so remarkable.Bringing the menace and ecstasy of Scriabin to life with a kaleidoscopic sense of colour and architectural understanding that kept us all enthralled to the final breathtaking vision of the star shining brightly.
A mazurka by Chopin in which a whole world was expressed so beautifully with so little was Elias way of thanking the small audience that Steinways had allowed to be present for this recording that will be streamed by the Keyboard Trust at a later date.

It was a privilege to be there! Hai suonato veramente da Maestro! Massimi complimenti! ❤Leslie Howard

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