Dame Patricia Routledge and Piers Lane integrity and humility ravish and enrich

‘Admission :one shilling’What emotions -what artistry-what a story!
At ninety three Dame Patricia Routledge held us in the palm of her hand as she recounted the remarkable story of Myra Hess a woman of great integrity,simplicity,humility and resilience.
With her enchanting nightingale Piers Lane the audience was entranced and moved to tears.

It was also fascinating to hear Dame Myra in a short film playing part of Mozart’s G major Concerto and to see a very youthful David Martin and Frederick Grinke in military uniform leading the chamber orchestra in the National Gallery.

And to know that one of the millions of soldiers whistling ‘Jesu Joy’ in between cigarette’s,before going to the front,when told it was Bach simply replied but that’s Myra Hess.

Times of great solidarity to overcome evil and unite with humility and sense of solidarity,pride and bravery in the name of unity. Strangely to think these days ,where quantity takes precedence over quality, of maintaining the principles that are the foundation of any civilisation.
Nice to be reminded of the words humility and integrity that seem to have disappeared from our vocabulary these days.


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