Maria Serena Salvemini triumphs in Frascati

Some scintillating playing from the 16 year old violinist Maria Serena Salvemini with her mother and teacher Daniela Carabellese and the pianist Pietro Laera.
Yesterday this very gifted young violinist was awarded the Gold Medal for her exceptional youthful activity,by the ‘Maison des Artistes ‘in the Aula Magna of La Sapienza University of Rome.

Maria Serena Salvemini in the Aula Magna of La Sapienza University of Rome

Today they had been invited to play in Villa Aldobrandini by the distinguished pianist Marylene Mouquet.

Marylene Mouquet

The Trio are from Puglia – that land kissed by the Gods from which so many distinguished musicians have their roots.Not least of whom the legendary violinist Gioconda de Vito from Martina Franca and Riccardo Muti from Molfetta the very town where our young violinist was born too.Not to mention Beatrice Rana,Benedetto Lupo and Francesco Libetta.
Five pieces for two violins and piano by Shostakovich immediately presented their notable musical credentials.Short works played with charm and character from the beautiful mellifluous opening to the charmingly shaped Viennese style waltz and the final flamboyant dance.

This was just the opening for a series of violin show pieces :Ziguenerweisen by Sarasate and the solo 24th caprice by Paganini which were given scintillating performances that showed off the technical and musical mastery of this young artist.

Maria Serena Salvemini

The mother Daniela gave a performance of the Spanish Dance from La Vida Breve of De Falla that was full of the flair and colour that Kreisler had brought to his transcription of this piece.
Together in Saratsate’s Navarra mother and daughter brought a subtle display of scintillating virtuosity.

The scene was set for the highlight of the concert with a remarkable performance by Maria Serena of Saint Saens famous violin warhorse the Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso.A performance full of subtle artistry and technical command and a maturity way beyond her sixteen years.Some very fine playing from her orchestra Pietro Laera,who throughout the concert had followed the violinists every move listening very carefully and never overpowering his companions even with the lid of the Steinway fully open to reflect the sound.A very interesting work was written especially for Maria Serena by the composer Massimo De Lillo and was played in a real duo performance with Pietro Laera.Both artists showing off to the full this very interesting work with its beautifully mellifluous opening and sumptuous accompaniment to the energetic finale of great fervour.

A beautiful Tarantella full of ravishing sounds and excitement was played by the trio with superb ensemble and brought this very enjoyable concert to its official end.
A standing ovation after their delicious Hungarian encore was a just reward for these remarkable musicians.


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