Trio Eidos -Margoni -Bruno- Loperfido ‘ A winning combination of musical integrity and youthful passion together with intelligence and technical brilliance’.

What a wonderful surprise to find this concert in the local town hall full to the rafters on this wet winters evening,ready to applaude a trio of young twenty year old musicians.
It speaks louder than words of the perseverance in the name of young talent,of Elisa Cerocchi and Tiziana Cherubini.

Determined to maintain the crusade of Arch Riccardo Cerrochi to bring the highest excellence of culture to this magical but much overlooked part of Italy.
The masterclasses at Sermoneta on the hills around Latina have become legend since their beginning with the noble Cattani/Howard family.
The decision to create the marvel that are the gardens at Ninfa, the ruin that Liszt knew and frequented as his pupil was Roffredo Cattani, the composer.
They invited Menuhin and Szigeti to their castle to play and give masterclasses in the 60’s to help and encourage future generations-Jaqueline Du Pre was one of the first students.
Arch Cerrochi maintained and amplified that promise until his death a few years ago.
It is nice to see his daughter now at the reigns with the same devotion and surrounded by expert musicians whose care and advice is obviously bringing new life and opportunities for young musicians.

Trio Eidos is made up of Ivos Margoni (1999) a student of Accardo at the extraordinary Stauffer Academy in Cremona. Stefano Bruno (2000) student of Giovanni Solima and Giulia Loperfido(2000) student of Benedetto Lupo, both at the S.Cecilia Accademy in Rome.Playing of such intelligence and musical integrity together with youthful passion and technical brilliance.
And what wonders they produced with a scintillating performance of Mendelssohn D minor Trio. Glittering silver from Giulia’s fingers as Ivos and Stefano intoned Mendelssohn’s passionate outpouring of melody.Both listening to Giulias beautiful playing of the Andante ready to join in a musical conversation full of the passion and enthusiasm that only youth can offer.

A recently written work by Capogrosso saw the perfect gentleman of a cellist helping a damselle in distress as Giulia valiantly prepared surprises inside the piano.Some very energetic sounds all expertly played with great seriousness finally ending with a magical ethereal coda of ravishing effect.Just ten minutes that cleansed and refreshed the ears like a sorbet at a ‘cordon bleu’ dinner party
Of course Brahms C minor trio op 101 found its ideal interpreters with these wonderful passionate young players.
Superb intonation and balance throughout meant that Brahms’s passionate outpourings could sweep over this very full hall and hold us all in their spell to the final noble chords.
An encore by Beethoven just underlined the extraordinary musical credentials of this newly formed youthful Trio.
Elisa and the Cherubini family very much in evidence .Elisa’s astonished remark – ‘all only 20’ – as she too was bewitched and thrilled that her fathers wish was being maintained in the name of youth and culture in his beloved home town Latina


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