Marylene Mouquet at Villa Grazioli for the Michelangeli Association in celebration of Beethoven

Marylene Mouquet at Villa Grazioli in Frascati .Two Beethoven sonatas op 13 and op 27 n.2 played with the great musicianship that the founder of the MIchelangeli Association has always shown and who has for some years given a platform to talented young musicians in the Aldobrandini Castle in Frascati at the centre of the Castelli Romani. Liszt and George Sand used to frequent the Villa on their ‘Grand tours’ of the hills around the Eternal City.For many years the distinguished French pianist has lived in Frascati on the hills overlooking Rome.Her next door neighbour,until recently,the Pope in the nearby Castel Gandolfo.Pope Francis, much to the dismay of the inhabitants has given up his summer palace to be nearer his congregation who ,until COVID, flocked to Rome to hear his wise words of brotherhood and tolerance.Marylene has long been the driving force of music via her Association dedicated to the memory of her mentor Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli.For many years she has included artists from the Keyboard Trust,founded by the assistant of Michelangeli -Noretta Conci Leech.I enclose an article about the remarkable Yuanfan Yang who was the last to give a live concert in Frascati before the pandemic struck .

Yuanfan Yang with Marylene Mouquet after his concert for the 100 Anniversary of the birth of Michelangeli
Villa Aldobrandini Frascati

Una risposta a "Marylene Mouquet at Villa Grazioli for the Michelangeli Association in celebration of Beethoven"

  1. Marylene Mouquet , intelligenza e passione nella vita e nell’arte. Ma la perfezione è il tocco distintivo di ogni sua esecuzione, cristallina come acqua di sorgente.
    Marylene è un’artista che ti dona sempre emozione e stupore.

    "Mi piace"


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