Gnocchi – Stella in Rome ‘On wings of song’

Giovanni Gnocchi ed Alessandro Stella vogliono esprimere la propria gratitudine all’Associazione Sincronìa e alla direzione artistica di Barbara Agostinelli. Siamo grati a Sincronìa per aver organizzato anche questo evento culturale in epoca di pandemia con serietá e dedizione, importantissimo in questi tempi di crisi e di chiusura, messaggio fondamentale e bellissimo per tutti. Eseguiranno musiche di: F. SCHUBERT – Litanei auf das Fest Allerseelen D. 343 (1816) D. POPPER – Spanish Dance op. 54 n° 2 “Serenade” (1884) S. RACHMANINOV – “Romance”, Lied in fa minore per violoncello e pianoforte (1890) A. DVOŘÁK – Waldesruhe op. 68 n° 5 (1883) G. FAURÉ – Romance op. 69 (1894) G. FAURÉ – Papillon op. 77 (1884) F. MENDELSSOHN – Lied ohne Worte op. 109 (1845) P. I. TCHAIKOVSKY – Nocturne op. 19 n° 4 (1873-1888) P. I. TCHAIKOVSKY – Andante Cantabile op. 11 (1871-1888) E. ELGAR – Salut d’amour op. 12 (1888) G. ROSSINI – “Une Larme”, thème et variations (dai Péchés de vieillesse, ca. 1860)

There could be no better title than : Music- Art -Beauty for the recital by Giovanni Gnocchi with Alessandro Stella streamed live from Rome. A series of short encore pieces played with a subtle sense of style and mastery.

It revealed to the full the artistry of these two artists as the sounds entwined to make a sumptuous bouquet of delicacies that were so enticing that after almost an hour one was longing to hear even more.A fascinating dialogue between these two artists that have been playing together for many years.The cellist even sharing the open lid of the beautiful Fazioli piano allowing the sounds to mingle and be projected together in a unified whole.

The very subtle rubato of Schubert’s Litanei where Giovanni’s ornaments were so miraculously woven into the melodic line of one of Schubert’s most profound utterings.The Spanish Dance by Popper broke the spell with an abandon full of fantasy and passion ,the very subtle ornamentation played with a fleeting lightness.The sotto voce Rachmaninov Lied was played with an intense deeply felt yearning for his beloved homeland.The Dvorak Waldesruhe where the dialogue between the piano and cello was of a searing intensity.

The Romance by Fauré immediately opened up the unique world of long drawn out seamless lines played with great strength and eloquence.Breathtaking dexterity of the Papillon as it spun its way with fleeting lightness with subtle beauty in the mellifluous central section.Mendelssohn’s song with out words took us to a Victorian world with irresistible nostalgia.The beautifully poised melodic line and passionate climax just reaching back to the memory of things passed.Tchaikowsky’s Nocturne and Andante cantabile were played with heartfelt eloquence of such nobility.The beautiful ending of the Andante where the strident piano chords were the base on which floated the magic melody of the cello.

Salut d’Amour by Elgar took us once again into the salons of another era with an aching nostalgia for what was at the time Elgar’s most popular piece.Played with consummate artistry and beauty by these two superb musicians .What better way to finish than with a rousing piece by Rossini .The beautiful bel canto melody of ‘Une Larme’ transformed in a series of astonishing variations designed to captivate the attention with excitement,virtuosity and ravishing beauty.

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