Hope and Glory in Viterbo Liceo Musicale S.Rosa in concert at Tuscia University

Very interesting concert in the Saturday afternoon series organised by Professor Franco Ricci for the 16th season of concerts at the Tuscia University of Viterbo .

Professor Franco Ricci -Artistic Director

Today it was a concert by the young students of the Music High School S.Rosa di Viterbo.
Refreshing to see space given to these young musicians and to be reminded of how important music is in the education of young people.
To ignite passion for culture in young people and unite them rather than all too often looking in vain for something more in life than the empty consumerism that the mass media continually bombards them with on their mobile phones.
I am reminded of ‘El sistema ‘ of Abreu who united kids from underprivileged homes to take up an instrument and join together in bands and orchestras rather than the empty pursuit of poverty on the streets in Venezuela.The whole world has seen the results of Gustavo Dudamel and his Orchestra that has taken the world by storm.
Or Daniel Barenboim and Edward Said creating the West Divan Orchestra that only music making together could break the deadlock of words in the Israeli Palestine conflict.
Other initiatives each one important in it’s own right.
I was told by my esteemed friend Maricla Boggio of the orchestra in Palermo ‘QuattroCanti’ created by Padre Giuseppe Bucaro based on El Sistema that has united families who had never imagined to play an instrument together with others.
Some years ago I was sent as an examiner for the Royal Schools of Music to Alcamo in Sicily.Anyone that follows Camilleri’s Montalbano will know what I mean by a really poor part of Italy.A music teacher originally from Malta had brought the English exam system with her as she taught teenagers the passion and discipline of music to lives that would otherwise have seemed without any hope for a better future.

Gabriele Lucarelli

So hats off to Gabriele Lucarelli for a very assured performance of the first movement of the Mendelssohn violin concerto.

Sara Ercoli
Giulia Meano

Some fine guitar playing from Sara Ercoli with Sor Variations and Giulia Meano with Leo Brouwer’s El Decameron Negro.

Alessio Saleppico
Alessio Mecarolo

Luckily Alessio Saleppico was master of the bass tuba with Tcherpnin’s Andante as was Alessio Mecarolo on the clarinet with Kovacs Hommage à J.S.Bach.

Simone Mechelli

Last but certainly not least was Simone Mechelli with a finely spun performance of Liszt’s 6th Hungarian Rhapsody.
What passion ,serious work and obvious enjoyment they shared with us today.
Hope for future generations lives in culture.My wife Ileana Ghione dedicated her life to creating a theatre in Rome -Non è solo teatro ma un servizio sociale -was and still is our motto that drives us on.


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