Università della Tuscia opening concert 2021


Il concerto, che propone (in collaborazione con il Club Rotary Roma-ovest)due giovanissimi e validissimi pianisti, Vincitori del Magisterium di interpretazione pianistica di Marcella Crudeli, vuole avere anche un alto valore simbolico perché in un momento cupo, come quello che stiamo vivendo, intende guardare ai giovani, luce e speranza del futuro.Emanuele Nazzareno Piovesan (quattordici anni) e Emanuele Savron (ventuno), vincitori, nonostante l’età, di numerosi concorsi nazionali ed internazionali e molto attivi nel concertismo, affronteranno un programma impegnativo e coinvolgente, dedicato a grandi e celebrati compositori.

Emanuele Piovesan, infatti, suonerà di Ludwig van Beethoven (in occasione del 250° della nascita) la Sonata in Fa minore op. 2 n.1; di Franz Schubert l’Improvviso op. 90 n. 4; di Fryderyk Chopin lo Studio in Fa minore op. 25 n. 2 e di Aram Chačaturjan la Toccata in Sol bemolle maggiore.

Emanuele Savron eseguirà, ancora di Beethoven la Sonata op. 27 n. 2 e di Chopin la Ballata n. 1, il Notturno op. 48 n. 1, lo Studio op. 10 n. 3, lo Studio op. 25 n. 12.


The indomitable unstoppable Marcella Crudeli in her lifelong quest to help young emerging musicians .
Her annual course sponsored by the Rotary Club gives young musicians from all over Italy the possibility to benefit from her enormous experience as a teacher,organiser and above all concert artist who herself had benefitted from encouragement of Alfred Cortot.
In a short bathroom break in this final competition concert performances between her students she confided to me that young people just do not allow the music to breathe.
All of the students greatly talented but in the end lazy.
It was Curzon who said to become a pianists it is 90% work and 10% talent.Only one of these young musicians (a prodigy of Ciccolini it turns out) demonstrated this in a very fine performance of Beethoven ‘s Sonata op 2 n.2 (the one that Glenn Gould made very much his own).
.Here at last a hall that up until that moment had been so obviously constructed for military speeches and certainly not piano recitals appeared to have an acoustic where all the details and care over Beethoven’s indications were meticulously observed .Unfortunately even this young man given a Chopin Ballade or a Russian show piece immediately stopped listening as all these greatly talented you musicians did as they sailed up and down the keyboard in a very undisciplined manner. Of course in their home towns it might seem very impressive but the work needed to tame and control this youthful passion was missing.
Marcella is doing miracles but it is in the end in the practice room that true miracles are needed. The students were from 14 to 21 and it was right that the first prize should go to the youngest who has all the time ahead of him to work, work ,work.

Cari amici, ieri si è conclusa la serie di manifestazioni al Museo delle Arti e Tradizioni Popolari, organizzate dall’Associazione Chopin in collaborazione con il Rotary Club Roma Ovest e dall’EPTA Italy.
Si sono svolti gli esami – recital del Magisterium di Approfondimento Pianistico dei sei giovani selezionati:
Michele Apollonio di 16 anni proveniente da Campobasso
Matteo Pierro di 17 anni proveniente da Potenza
Emanuele Nazzareno Piovesan di 14 anni proveniente da Gallarate
Emanuele Savron di 19 anni proveniente da Trieste
Marco Stallone di 20 anni proveniente da Avellino
Lorenzo Stasi di 17 anni proveniente da Rossano Calabro

La giuria, presieduta dal Prof. Franco Carlo Ricci, era composta da: M° Marcella Crudeli, M° Silvia Rinaldi, M° Maria Grazia Sorrentino e Amm. Giovanni Vitaloni.

Alla fine dei concerti, il Presidente del Rotary Club Roma Ovest Dott. Giovanni Grazioli, ha consegnato ai pianisti gli attestati con il giudizio.
Dopo la cerimonia di premiazione, il Rotary ha offerto un piccolo catering ai ragazzi e ai loro familiari in segno di augurio!

Si ringrazia il Municipio Roma IX EUR, il Direttore del Museo Dott. Filippo Maria Gambari e il Dott. Tagliero per l’affitto del Pianoforte.

Two young pianists Emanuele Savron and Emanuele Nazzareno Piovesano opening the first concert this year from Tuscia University in Viterbo streamed live at 17h every Saturday afternoon .

Next week the annual concert of the Keyboard Charitable Trust with Alberto Chines.
Now in it’s 16 year the season of concerts organised by the distinguished musicologist and author of many important volumes Franco Carlo Ricci aims to give a platform not only to established artists but also to young aspiring musicians.Two young pianists today of 14 and 21 years old,winners of the annual Marcella Crudeli Masterclasses held every year in Rome.

Some very fine playing from these two young students chosen from Marcella Crudeli’s Masterclasses in Rome last October to demonstrate the school of a woman who not only has been director of one of Italy’s most important conservatories but also created and watched grow ,strength by strength ,for 25 years the only International Piano Competition ever held in Rome.Not satisfied with that she has been celebrating this year her 80th birthday with a series of recitals and masterclasses from which the two young artists in today’s concert were beneficiaries.

Exemplary Chopin playing as one would expect with Savron playing the overplayed first ballade with impeccable good taste and control.Both had played two early sonatas by Beethoven with scrupulous attention to detail but also an architectural sense that gave great weight to their playing.Piovesano playing op 2 n.1 with envigorating rhythmic impetus with a Prestissimo finale that was quite enthralling.The opening of the so called ‘Moonlight’Sonata was played with mature feeling by Savron with some quite sumptuous and delicate sounds.The last few pages of the Sonata op 27 n.2 showed a remarkable sense of control as he built the excitement to the final dramatic embellishments.

Piovesano’s Schubert Impromptu op 90 n.4 was exquisitely played and the passionate middle section beautifully shaped.His performance of the Khatchaturian Toccata showed off his sensitivity to colour without ever loosing the driving forward movement.The Chopin studies from them both whilst showing a great sense of style showed that there is some technical work still to be done before their studies are completed.Very professional performances to an empty hall before the video camera shows great promise for the future.


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