Zimerman and Rattle a seamless stream of beauty and joy for Beethoven’s 250

Sheer perfection from Krystian Zimerman -Simon Rattle and the LSO.
The joy these two ‘lads’ brought to the Rondo of the first concert was a marvel to behold.The little bell like acciaccaturas just before the piano’s delicate farewell and the full Beethovenian outburst from the orchestra was one of the most wondrous moments in this desolate year.
The impish humour of such joy and fun as Krystian and Simon kicked Beethoven’s old ball around from one to another was unforgettable.
Zimerman playing with the score as the composer himself would have done but with this unique artist who carries the golden sound of his mentor Rubinstein in his chubby hands it only adds to the continual voyage of discovery.Truly one of the marvels of the age and quite rightly dedicated to Beethoven on his 250th birthday.

More marvels from Zimerman and Rattle.
Beethoven 2 and 4 played with an improvisatory fantasy that was like hearing these much loved works for the first time.
Perhaps Beethoven could have imagined such wondrous sounds in his private ear but to share them with others is one of the greatest gifts that we could have in these troubled times.
The 2nd concerto with such whispered asides followed by Toscanini like injections of energy from the orchestra.An opening of the 4th concerto like angels calling from afar played with such a whispered delicacy.Trills just vibrations of magic sounds.Cadenzas of improvised inspiration.

A knowing smile on their faces as they shared the innermost secrets and schoolboy humour bouncing Beethoven’s ideas from one to the other.The simple scales in the first movement of the 2nd concerto I never imagined I could listen to them again after Gilels’s magic account with Sir Adrian Boult all those years ago.But here was the same magic golden sound that had Rubinstein exclaiming,on listening to a chubby red haired school boy in Russia,that if he ever came to the west he may as well pack up his bags and leave.
Pack up your troubles in an old kit bag indeed.
How can we ever thank them enough!

The Prince of pianist’s wears the Emperors cloak as Zimerman and Rattle together with the LSO bring their unforgettable survey of Beethoven’s five piano concertos to a glorious conclusion.Could there ever have been a better way of celebrating Beethoven 250 than this?

An Emperor starting with the right hand on that first low E flat as the cadenza unfolded on their wondrous journey.An orchestra under Rattle that played with a beauty,freedom and conviction as rarely heard in the recording studio.Such was the energy generated by the almost chamber music interplay that Zimerman and Rattle created it would have been impossible not to be wound up in this seamless stream of both ravishing and tumultuous sounds.An Adagio even more simple than Rubinstein’s unforgettable account.The descending scales allowed to whisper without any inflections but just allowed to trickle from Zimerman’s fingers with such ravishing beauty.Scrupulously sustained by the sumptuous sounds that Rattle and his colleagues so poignantly provided.The interplay and rhythmic energy of the Rondo did not exclude slight hesitations and inflections that brought a knowing smile to Simon and Krystian’s faces as they seemed to be discovering the music for the first time.
Performances that will go down in history and be the measure by which all others are compared.


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