Roma 3 Orchestra comes of age at Teatro Palladium in Rome

An exchange of views with Valerio Vicari,the enlightened Artistic director of Roma 3 University.Not content with helping young musicians find a platform for their solo performances for the past 15 years he has united them in an complete orchestra.A noble gesture and one that has needed an expert guide with much patience to guide them through all the problems of ‘convivenza’-living and working as an ensemble.

Starting later than advertised I was worried that the live stream might have started in the caverns of my computer without my being aware of it.So I was desperately in comunication with Rome from my home in London.

I had just heard Zimerman and Rattle play on DG live stream Beethoven 3 and 1 and was anxious to hear 2,4 and 5 and also Barenboim live on Radio 3 from Bonn with Beethoven 1 and the Fifth Symphony.It was ,after all,Beethoven’s birthday.

But a promise is a promise and I have been supporting with much admiration the splendid platform that Valerio has been giving so selflessly,for so many years,to needy young musicians.The same dedication and support that they find here at St Mary’s Perivale from Dr Hugh Mather and his valiant team of volonteers.

Not entirely happy to hear that it would be streamed twenty minutes late and Zimerman and co would just have to wait their turn.

Here is my surprise exchange at the start of the concert:’What a difference with this Bronzi and some vibrato,real style of sound and dynamics – a great sense of balance.Superb musicianship they are listening to each other like with Pappano and his Rome Orchestra.’-‘Yes he is great’-‘ so are they ….just listen to the difference.This is a real orchestra that you can be proud of’-‘and I am ,Very much.They are like my children’-‘Sign him up Valerio don’t let him get way… will not regret it!’-‘already planned another concert with Bronzi for the Spring’-‘how many rehearsals did he have?’-‘two only ,three days of work together’-‘but you brought in other players too’-‘no,they are my top players’

An unbelievable transformation of the Roma 3 Orchestra under Enrico Bronzi who also conducted from the cello.Streamed live from the Teatro Palladium in Rome
An orchestra that listens to itself is an orchestra to be reckoned with indeed!
Superb cello playing too from Enrico Bronzi in Strauss’s rarely performed Romance.
Some superb ensemble in the opening Sextett from Strauss’s Capriccio.
But it was in the Schubert hinted at in the Entr’acte from Rosamunde but then more than confirmed in their gloriously sensitive performance of the ‘Unfinished’Symphony.Such refined sounds from the strings as one might have expected with such a distinguished cellist at the helm.
But superb wind soloists too.
All listening to each other as Enrico Bronzi shaped with such loving care this Unfinished masterpiece.A sense of dynamic control and range as they seemed to breathe as one with such united feeling.

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